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  1. Hello! I have never read an article that so eloquently described why I love Disney and how participating in Disney- based activities (vacationing in the Parks, making Mickey pancakes, or walking around in my Mickey ears) makes me feel. How can I send a copy to my brother, a die-hard Universal fan, and my father who has never understood my obsession just to rub it in their faces? We now have scientific research to prove how awesome Disney is! Great article!

  2. It’s very simple. Disney parks is an escape like none other. It’s the same every time. It’s like and old friend you can depend on, time and time again. It’s like having your cake and eating it too. It’s wonderful beyond description. It’s something you can’t get any wear else. It’s heaven on earth.

  3. This is such a fantastic article! I’m literally sharing with friends and family right now. I took a lot of thoughts I’ve had about myself over the years and neatly framed them into a positive explanation for me. It gets so sad having to justify multiple trips a year to WDW. Yes it is expensive, yes Disney is kid friendly- but it isn’t only for kids! Adults needs a safe space too, both physically and emotionally, and for me that is Disney.
    One thing it didn’t touch on in the study is how inspiring Walt and Roy were to business people, and how that mentorship lives on now. I hold my own companies to the same standards of ambition and service that I see and get with Disney (albeit on a smaller scale so far!).

  4. Fantastic article! I literally never thought about it, but it makes complete sense. As someone who bounds, I can attest that bounding 100% affects my shopping habits. Constantly looking for items that would be great for bounding.

  5. Since the first time you watch a Disney cartoon or movie , your given permission to be innocent and care free as a child . That feeling lives on each time I visit the parks . Even now closing in on 60 years old , I’m given that permission by the Disney imagineers to leave my tomorrow behind . Walt not only ensured his daughters had a park to enjoy he left all of us a place we’re our dreams come to life if only for a few hours !

    Great article and appreciate your efforts .

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