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  1. Hello! I have never read an article that so eloquently described why I love Disney and how participating in Disney- based activities (vacationing in the Parks, making Mickey pancakes, or walking around in my Mickey ears) makes me feel. How can I send a copy to my brother, a die-hard Universal fan, and my father who has never understood my obsession just to rub it in their faces? We now have scientific research to prove how awesome Disney is! Great article!

  2. It’s very simple. Disney parks is an escape like none other. It’s the same every time. It’s like and old friend you can depend on, time and time again. It’s like having your cake and eating it too. It’s wonderful beyond description. It’s something you can’t get any wear else. It’s heaven on earth.

  3. This is such a fantastic article! I’m literally sharing with friends and family right now. I took a lot of thoughts I’ve had about myself over the years and neatly framed them into a positive explanation for me. It gets so sad having to justify multiple trips a year to WDW. Yes it is expensive, yes Disney is kid friendly- but it isn’t only for kids! Adults needs a safe space too, both physically and emotionally, and for me that is Disney.
    One thing it didn’t touch on in the study is how inspiring Walt and Roy were to business people, and how that mentorship lives on now. I hold my own companies to the same standards of ambition and service that I see and get with Disney (albeit on a smaller scale so far!).

  4. Fantastic article! I literally never thought about it, but it makes complete sense. As someone who bounds, I can attest that bounding 100% affects my shopping habits. Constantly looking for items that would be great for bounding.

  5. Since the first time you watch a Disney cartoon or movie , your given permission to be innocent and care free as a child . That feeling lives on each time I visit the parks . Even now closing in on 60 years old , I’m given that permission by the Disney imagineers to leave my tomorrow behind . Walt not only ensured his daughters had a park to enjoy he left all of us a place we’re our dreams come to life if only for a few hours !

    Great article and appreciate your efforts .

  6. I agree that visiting WWW over the past 18 years with my family has been incredible and magical each and every time! We can seriously say we are Disney fans from Canada! We have experienced every ride, almost every take out and sit down restaurant in the parks and at the resorts, from the best ones to the worst ones, we have stayed at almost every deluxe Disney resort, tried most of the snacks and treats, bought so much merchandise over the past 18 years of our boys lives that we still cherish, sailed numerous times on the Disney Cruuse Line, visited during many Christmas and New Years holidays , including The Flower Festival in spring, and experienced almost every special event, special booking, Candlelight Procession, Campfire singalong, Mickeys BBQ, Hoop de Doo, and so forth….and guess what? Our boys are almost adult aged and they still LOVE to go to Disney World and be carefree and like a kid again! We have so many fond memories of us having fun, but also things going wrong, someone getting sick, our son breaking his nose and my hubby breaking his toe, belongings getting stolen, our son getting separated from us in Animal Kingdom when he was 6 years old, and guests acting rudely to us, to name just a few things. But despite all this, we keep going back and we keep laughing, crying, enjoying and living magically as a family at Disney World and in real life. Our families and friends think we are crazy to keep coming back and some have suggested other places to visit instead, as if we are ignorant to all the travel destinations around the world. Some think we are crazy to spend so much to see a mouse and a few rides. We ignore them and we satisfy our love and our appetite of all things Disney our own way, and as long as our boys want to see Disney World, and as long as we as parents are able to take them we are coming…please let this Pandemic be over soon so that we can once again resume our daily lives and visit WWW without travel restrictions, park restrictions, without closures and without cancelations…we are in need of a Disney World FIX…DO YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN? Hopefully once this Pandemic is behind us we will be that much more healthier, happier, wiser and more appreciative of our time together with our family and in our everyday lives and take nothing for granted, including our magical time with Mickey Mouse. Thank you.

  7. i have been going to disneyworld since 1989. my daughter was 4 when we started coming and is now 37. she loves disney as much as i do and has tol me she will always come with me. we come twice a year for the flower festival and the food and wine. we have spent many birthdays in disney, there is nothing better. and yes i have always had to explain that yes i am going again, and yes i know there are other places i could go to but that i am happy coming to my happy place. we bought into the dvc in 2005 and my husband got to enjoy the resorts until he passed in 2009. it is the only place where you can leave everything behind and just be. i am 72 years old can still run through the parks and just enjoy being a kid again. not being able to come during the pandemic was hard and after having covid i was so grateful that i was able to come this year. coming to disney is like coming to visit an old friend. i am happy here , i feel, safe and i just plain enjoy it. I will keep coming until i no longer can. But for now, let the magic continue

  8. This is so fascinating! Now that I think about it, it really makes so much sense about everything. Thank you, so much, for sharing this

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