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  1. So Disney shutdown they stopped buying POG juice from their vendor and the vendor stopped making it. Now Disney wants POG juice again and the vendor doesn’t have the supply to make it and is questioning whether or not they are going to even continue making it. Heck Disney could decide to shut down again and leave them out in the cold. Unless Disney comes up with a reseller license setup for the vendor to sell it in stores or something, I wouldn’t be surprised to see POG juice disappear for a long while.

  2. We went to Ohana on 9/5 and they had the new juice. We were not aware at the time that the juice had changed. It is not even close to the original. It’s not real juice. It tastes like high fructose corn syrup and fruit flavoring. It feels like they tried to make it similar in taste, but it’s definitely not close without using real juice. We usually drink many carafes (there’s 6 in our family) during our breakfast, but we only got one this time. It was really disappointing and I hope they can eventually get the original supplier back.

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