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  1. Is Biergarten still seating individual parties at smaller tables or are they back to putting strangers at tables of 8+?

  2. Beth M., we saw tables with just one party, and we saw tables with two groups that were distanced (at least one chair apart). It wasn’t busy during our visit, so we can’t say for sure what they might do when the restaurant is fuller.

  3. Thanks, Sarah. I love Biergarten, but I take several solo trips throughout the year and for that reason avoid Biergarten. I don’t mind community tables when there is more than one person in my party, but sitting solo with a family is weird. I have actually gotten to enjoy Biergarten solo in the last few months because I’ve been able to sit alone!

  4. Beth, I reached out to the reporter to see what she suggested. She mentioned that the smallest tables she saw on her visit were four-tops, but as a solo diner, she was seated at one of those. Possibly you could still get the more comfortable solo seating that way, but I don’t think we could consider it a guarantee since we can’t know what the situation would be like on your visit. Sorry I can’t be more definitive for you!

  5. Don’t mind paying for the fast pass. But having a ticket that is astronomically high and gets higher and higher with less attractions available then pay for the fastpass. Is unusually cruel I know that you want to eliminate Florida resident from getting passes because as mentioned on a previous site they don’t spend money however they have family they have friends that come visit and where do they bring them to the money grabbing Disney because that’s where they want to go so reduce your season pass I’ll get the fastpass. And that gives me an option because the times I want to stand in line and show off how Disney entertains even through the lines I can do that.

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