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  1. Curious to know if Disney Visa Card members can use their reward redemption cards to purchase “fancy ride” reservations

  2. Elizabeth, I’m not familiar with the reward redemption cards. If you’re able to load them into My Disney Experience (like a credit/debit card or a Disney gift card), you should be able to apply them.

  3. You are an amazing resource! What do you think we should book first when the clock strikes 7am – the Individual Attraction rides or the Genie + ride? In other words, which is likely to “sell out” faster? We will be going to Hollywood Studios one day and Animal Kingdom the next. Thank you!

  4. I’d like to know if can I purchase two fancy rides at 7 a.m. ? Or can I purchase the second one just after ride the fist one ?

    P.S. I’m going stay in a Disney Resort.


  5. It is interesting that they have times available listed AFTER you purchase. In this example, there were plenty of time options but I am not sure that will always be the case. What if you pay and the allotted time slots do not fit with your schedule? Due to hopping, dining reservations, etc. can you go back? I feel like you should know your options before you buy or is it all just a gamble? Come on Disney, be decent!

  6. Megan, our reporters tell me that you can select your return time for Individual Attraction Selections, though with Genie+ you get next available rather than a choice of times. If for some reason you do miss your Individual Lightning Lane Attraction Selection, you will be refunded for the purchase.

  7. Michael, it is possible to have overlap. Our reporters experienced that yesterday. I’m not sure whether that is a glitch or whether it’s something that is meant to be allowed, but we did have it happen.

  8. Thatielle, you can purchase both Individual Attraction Selection LLs at 7AM, so you’d be carrying both reservations in My Disney Experience (plus a Genie+ if you’re using it).

  9. Heather, I would recommend Rise of the Resistance and Slinky Dog Dash at DHS if you’re planning to buy Individual Attraction Selections. Those two have sold out the past two days (though not until a little later in the morning — still, better to be safe than sorry if you’re planning to get up at 7AM anyway!). At AK, we didn’t have trouble booking anything specifically, but I would say go for whatever ride is at the top of your list. For many that will be Flight of Passage, Everest, or Kilimanjaro Safaris. Enjoy your trip!

  10. Lisa, if you have more than one form of payment in My Disney Experience, you may be able to buy it individually for each person with a different payment. I’m not familiar enough with how that might work, though, so I can’t say for certain. Perhaps Disney could do this for you over the phone, too, if you’re trying to do it pre-arrival.

  11. Ok it’s 7:00 am. I have Genie Plus. I’m going to Magic Kingdom. Do I book the lighting lane ride first or do I book the pay for Fancy ride first?

    How about 7:00 and I’m going to Hollywood studios? Book rise of resistance (pay for it) first? Or find a lightning lane for a different ride first?

  12. Dave, I think the Individual Attraction Selections/Fancy Rides are the most time-sensitive. They can sell out quickly.

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