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  1. Hey, thanks for the tips. You guys helps a lot! Do park reservation fill up? Anual passholders can only reserve 3 days and I’m going wait till the parks to close on the first day to make the reservation to the forth day. I’m a little worried about that. I’m going on the last week of february.

  2. Hi William. Thanks for the great feedback! Park reservations can and do sometimes fill up. With that in mind, the Disney Princess Half Marathon is taking place from February 23rd-26th and race weekends tend to be busier than usual. If those are the days you’ll be in the parks, I would go ahead and make those reservations first and then work around them. Also, you can always make one reservation at whichever park you’re able to get a reservation for and park hop at 2pm if you don’t mind the wait. If the reservations are full, keep checking back throughout the day because guests sometimes cancel and you may be able to snag that 4th day even if it is busy.

  3. Who cares what is predicted for ticket prices the truth is, it’s not a good value and people that are smart will be smart with your money and realize that

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