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  1. Another thing to think about: do you need extra space for a scooter? My husband and I both need scooters in order to do Disney at all, and I can tell you that they take up quite a bit of space – and we don’t even have the big ones. You not only need the square footage, you need to have enough space to get them plugged in for charging. Then you need enough space to move around the room once the scooters are plugged in. Not every building has an elevator either!
    Generally there is more room in a deluxe room than in most moderate or value rooms. Some hotels have handicapped-accessible rooms, which helps. If you do a little research you should be able to find a room that will work for you – or use a travel agent, since they will have the info.

  2. The one issue I had in our stay at Wilderness Lodge last October was water temperature in the shower. I didn’t enjoy taking what felt like a cold shower, to me. Scald-free, that’s for sure. Do all Disney properties set the water temperature so low?

  3. We just stayed at pop in March and all the thermostats are now locked, you cannot lower the air. We called to get maintenance to come unlock ours! They’re trying to save money and charge everyone extra at the same time!! We are staying at a Marriott next time.

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