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  1. Oh well, with disappointment comes change. I recommended a Senior Disney Management VP about what Resort inspired outerwear was needed at the DVC resorts.at the time, Disney was on their way to launching the DVC collection, with no tie into the individual resort. I pointed out that every guest wants to exude “Pride in Ownership”. Meaning that if I had an ownership interest at Old Key West, as an owner, I wanted a smart T-shirt of Polo that called out my support and ownership interest in my home resort. Disney decided to go with the DVC collection which was a flop. I have 3 DVC ownerships at 3 different resorts, with a family of 4, that could mean 12 t-shirt sales. Instead I elected to not buy a Disney DVC Collection shirt, which did not call out a specific resort. Huge opportunity wasted for Disney. Now, 5 years later, Disney is starting to market individual resort specific clothing. About time…. With respect to this specific story, we’re is the guide that can tell you all of the unique things you can do at each resort. Like over at the Wilderness Lodge you can take a guided tour at no charge that tells you all about the resort. I have an upcoming stay at the Polynesian in March, and there is nothing to do there but swim at the pool and eat dole whip. No activities for families to do. No cooking classes, no group gaming/bingo, no DVC members meeting…nothing.

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