Snack Series: Monkey Cupcake at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

It is a happy day when we can tell you about a brand new cupcake! (Or at least one that’s new to us!)

HUGE thanks to DFB readers Matt and Lenore for telling me about this — and making it imperative that I head over to Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort on my last Disney World Visit!

Monkey Cupcake!

One of the treats that I couldn’t wait to sample on my recent trip to Walt Disney World was the Monkey Cupcake at Old Port Royale Food Court within Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. I’d heard it had peanut butter buttercream icing (hubba hubba!!) and a surprise inside!

You might be asking at this point: so, what makes this a “monkey cupcake?” I mean, there are no little chocolate monkeys or faces on it, like you’d find on the Elephant Cupcake at Animal Kingdom’s Kusafiri Bakery and Coffee Shop

Monkey Cupcake at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort

But when you cut into the moist cake, you begin to get the picture. The proof is in the pudding — or filling as it were. And the filling just happens to be chock full of bananas!

Vanilla Monkey Cupcake -- Cross Section

If you get a fork in there like I did, you can see that there are real banana pieces in the custard. It’s not just banana flavored.

The effect is a very fresh, from-scratch taste in the filling that I really loved! The combination of the moist cake, a good amount of that thick, sweet buttercream, and the filling was delicious.

Monkey Cupcake Inside -- Banana Filling

I quickly realized that it’s basically the King Cupcake from Pop Century Resort, minus the candied bacon crumbles! So if you enjoyed the King Cupcake, you’ll love this one, too!

It’s not particularly flashy, like some of the other cupcakes we’ve seen recently (the Contempo Cafe’s Birthday Cupcake springs to mind :-) ) but it was tasty and somewhat lighter. I really enjoyed it!

Monkey Cupcake Out of the Box and Up Close

If you’re as big a fan of Disney Cupcakes as we are, be sure to check out our Disney Cupcake Gallery, or sign on to take a Disney Cupcake Crawl Challenge!

NOTE! This particular cupcake has the awesome distinction of coming in both chocolate and vanilla flavors. So you can take your pick depending on what flavor you’re feeling that day! (To see a cross section of the chocolate version, head over to our review of the King Cupcake at Pop Century Resort!)

Chocolate Monkey Cupcake in the Container

I love finding unique items at Disney Resort restaurants and food courts!! Be sure to tell us when you run into something awesome on your trips by sending us an email!

Will you be heading over to Caribbean Beach Resort to try out the Monkey Cupcake? Weigh in with comments below!


  1. Julie says

    This is a little-known treasure at Caribbean Beach! I stumbled upon it once on accident and it climbed the ranks of one of my favorite Disney cupcakes! Worth a trip out there for it! (though sometimes they don’t have it and instead have seasonal cupcakes)

  2. Essie says

    I’d like to try a chocolate one; chocolate and bananas with PB buttercream sounds like a great combo to me. The CBR used to have a great cookie that I loved. It was a giant sugar cookie with M&Ms on the top. I wonder if they still have them. They weren’t prepackaged and were in the pastry Grab ‘n’ Go case from lunch time on. We went to AoA this trip and I’m just curious if as to whether or not the CBR still has them as I couldn’t get them in any of the parks or resorts we visited.

  3. says

    Christa M. — It’s great!! I was so surprised by the fresh-tasting filling!

    Julie — Agreed! Thanks for the tip on seasonal cupcakes. I made a special trip out there to find it and I’m so glad I did!

    Mimi — Awesome!! Let me know what you think!

    Essie — YES! It’s great! I think I saw your cookies when I was there, too!

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