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  1. You can try to spin and hype this all you want but no character interaction at the table, no hugs, no closeups, etc., is a significantly reduced experience in quality and until the pandemic is behind us, no thx on these prices and experiences

  2. I love the review, so informative! We were there one of the last days before characters returned and the meal was much lower in price. We don’t mind the price for character meals being that we have two little girls with us, but I was very disappointed to see the menu change. Previously you would get a yummy cheese danish, croissant, and cinnamon roll. The yummy cheesy potatoes were included in the spread with the eggs, bacon, and kielbasa. We’re not fans of chicken sausage and while we love brisket) it seems out of place at breakfast. The pancake platter we were served had several party pancakes, French toast, and Mickey waffles. We LOVED the salmon tray and would always ask for seconds. We loved it all so much we ate there twice for breakfast during this visit last week Dec. 10-13. We were disappointed in these menu changes. Because of them I don’t feel as compelled to eat there during our May trip even with the characters. 🙁

  3. You mentioned the tables were being thoroughly cleaned. Were the chairs/booths also being disinfected?

  4. My family and I ate at Chef Mickeys for the first time on dec 9. Even though the food was good we were not impressed at all with the atmosphere. They sat us at a table beside a window that looked like it not been cleaned in forever. (Not exaggerating) our waiter was not very friendly. Don’t know if we would ever go back there again. First impression was not good. Other than this restaurant our trio to Disney was very memorable.

  5. What is going on in California?? They have become so money hungry it’s ridiculous. I don’t know who’s making these financial decisions but they are way off base. There comes a time when families have to say enough is enough.

  6. Hi, Nadia. Our on-site reporter notes that she didn’t specifically see booths and chairs being wiped down, but she says she has seen that at all the other places she’s dined.

  7. Nadia, I did see a server wiping down a booth when I was there. It did make me feel better. They had sanitizer with them. As to the service, our meal on Friday, the service was magical and engaging, they did everything to make you feel like a special guest. For example, when we walked up we didn’t know about the QR check in, and were never asked to do so. The wait staff was extremely friendly and accommodating to any needs (like whipped cream for pancakes for a child and any seconds on items). On Saturday, though, from the check in through the meal, everything was not as much fun. It felt like this was their job, and we were being tolerated. The wait staff was more friendly than check in, but definitely not to Disney’s usual standards. I felt like we didn’t matter. Had the two experiences been reversed on the two days, we wouldn’t have come back for a second meal, so I totally understand your perspective, Barbie. The excellent food and service on Friday made us very excited when we were able to snag a last minute (night before) reservation before going to Animal Kingdom the next morning. This made us sad about the service, it is very rare that this happens at Disney. The food was excellent (since it hadn’t changed) and with the lower price we were still very satisfied, but with the whole experience changing, it isn’t really enticing our family to return, and we have loved Chef Mickey’s and visited every year. It makes me really hope that there are more character dining opportunities when we return. While we will tolerate the $200 price tag that comes with a family of four, we do draw the line when it comes to food. The food has to be pretty good for us to be willing to drop that price on a character meal. At this point, we feel that they have removed too many of our traditional favorites. The kielbasa they removed for the chicken sausage tasted just like the Portuguese sausage we would get for breakfast in Hawaii! We loved it and the salmon tray, and don’t really care for the changes they made to the bread basket either. Considering you used to get cheese danishes, croissants, and cinnamon rolls and now you just get harvest rolls and fried cinnamon dough (though it does look interesting with the icing) I feel like you are getting less and that this meal has been economized instead of enhanced. Wow, Tusker House, we MISS you!!! We really hope more character dining spots return by our May visit.

  8. Disney needs to work on food quality, I’m paying for a 5 star meal, and getting less then chain restaurant quality

  9. At the original Chef Mickey’s He only came out and walked thru and waved. Not buffet al carte menu.

  10. This isn’t worth it. The food is quick service food. No real interaction with the characters. BUT as long as people are willing to pay these ridiculous prices for what amounts to quick service food and a “drive by” with the characters, Disney will keep raising prices! Wake up!

  11. We like thr new qay of managing the food as family style. We hope that is kept in future. However, a huge price increase just to see the characters is a joke. I wish there was a choice of character or no character options. Either by day or splitting the rooms or times. We would go again forbthr food but not pay for the increase just to see the same characters you can see all over.

  12. Disney is a one eyed Jack. Fortunately, more and more people are getting to see the other side of it’s REAL face!
    We don’t like it!

  13. Family of 5 experienced Chef Mickey’s and won’t be going back anytime soon. The price was absurd! To say the least! I use to love and enjoy this character breakfast…no interaction with the characters now is fine, but they don’t position themselves to get a half decent picture with your kids now. It seemed rushed! Moms and dads trying to position their kids with a character in the background was not easy. One child was off to the left and was cutoff every picture because of where they stood. Hated it! The food was fair! The server Tammy was phenomenal and was concerned of one of our kids with a peanut allergy. Just not worth the price!

  14. Any photos or feedback of the tofu scramble? You have lots of veg-based fans — don’t forget us! We love you too!

  15. Veggie McNoms, thanks for the love. We, unfortunately, did not try the tofu scramble. I let the team know we’d love more veggie reviews.

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