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  1. Not a fan of ANY of the resorts to stay at (all are fun to visit, though!). Prefer roomy, off property accommodations with better amenities. Disney lacks enough hot tubs, room sizes are way too small for the price, tiny safes in the rooms that fit almost nothing, rooms that open to the outside (hate those), not enough rooms with King beds, and the list goes on. Off property I can get a huge 2BR/2BA condo or townhouse for the price of a Disney value, 5 hot tubs, 3 pools, full kitchen, and the price leaves plenty of money for renting a car and driving ourselves around. MUCH faster than the busses, anyway, and more freedom to come and go as you please without waiting for the next bus and being crammed in with lots of tired, sweaty people. I stayed on property exactly once (POFQ) and hated it.

  2. Figures the ones I stay at (Pop & AoA) are on the list, lol. But really… they’re cheap. That’s why you go. Just enough theming to say “Disney” but enough that you don’t spend 70% of your vacation money just on your hotel. Only the super-rich could stay for a week+ on Disney property in one of the big resorts.

    So yeah, you put up with the sprawling resorts (I bet you 100% that the bad rating for the Little Mermaid section is because it’s the furthest from the front desk; it took AGES to walk there every time), the huge waits for crowded buses, and the packed hotels, because it’s like $100/night or something. You don’t spend McDonalds prices and expect steakhouse taste, right?

  3. Most likely the Mermaid section at Art of Animation got negative votes because its a loooooong walk to get to them. The theming is really cute. But not a fun walk at the end of a tiring day at the parks

  4. I was disappointed with the expensive, outdated Poly room a few years ago and am hopeful the updates will make it fresh and deluxe.
    The Contemporary ideally located and comfortable but reminds me of the movie Logan’s Run in the cheesy retro-future bubble world.
    All three monorail resorts are great but just a bit grimy never feeling as clean and comfortable as they ought to. Even the newest and most elegant GF has rooms that are a bit dusty and stuffy.
    I’ve never stayed at Art of Animation and have seen it only on a stroll through and loved the theming but did think the Little Mermaid section seemed like a sad motel despite a few cute theming elements.

  5. I recently stayed at Pop Century resort and will not stay there again. When I arrived my room they where going to give me was on the first floor and close to the pool and ski liner. It was not ready and needed cleaning. I advised them I had dinner reservations at Disney springs Tex Rex.! They advised me to go to my dinner reservations and would send me a text and have my baggage’s waiting in my room. I did receive a text and when I arrived back at the resort the room was not the room they total me the first time. I went back to the front desk and asked for another room and complained that it was not the room promised before I went to my dinning reservations. They found another room close to the ski liner but on the 3rd floor. I went to the room they gave me but got not get in. Back to the front desk and they gave me the wrong room again. I went back to the room on the back side of the build and it still was not what was promised walked back to the front desk and complained again. They now found me another room on the 3rd floor close to the pool and ski liner. No baggage came. I went back to the front desk this was my 6th trip and asked where my baggage was. They found it in another room and did bring it to the correct room. It’s now 10:00pm and was so upset and could not get any sleep. They gave me a 100.00 discount. I guess the moral to this story is to just settle for what you get and don’t complain.

  6. This article makes it seem like the author doesn’t know the major difference between sections and pricing at AOA. There’s a huge difference (in price, room layout, and distance from main area of resort) between the Little Mermaid rooms and the rest of the themed areas, which feature suites, at AOA. Those suites aren’t exactly “value” room rates and the accommodations are far different/better than a value-priced Little Mermaid room. It’s not the theme that people don’t like! It’s the small rooms and long walk.

  7. I will always book the premium rooms for nominal dollars more a night. We usually stay at Port Orleans French Quarter. It’s smaller than most resorts and everything is relatively close to the dining halls/shuttle

  8. I didn’t mind the Little Mermaid theme and yes, as soon as I saw that ginormous Ursula I knew we had nearly arrived to our room.

  9. The Little Mermaid rooms are SO FAR from the main resort! I will never stay there again…waaaaaay too far! Even with the addition of the skyliner.

  10. I know these aren’t even listed but I just want to say that from a DVC resort perspective, everyone hates on Old Key West and Saratoga Springs. They are the cheapest of these resorts and I LOVE THEM! Every time my husband and I go we just enjoy the resort and all of the fun things to do. I know they are huge but to be honest most of the hotels are. Idk, I just want to give these resorts more love lol.

  11. I’m surprised that Saratoga Springs isn’t listed. Lousy transportation and food choices.

  12. I have stayed at THe Riverside, Carribean Resort, Animan Kingdom, French Quarter, All Star Movie and Old Key West. THe Old Key West was the worst Resort I have ever Stayed in, Mold in the Bathroom, Miles from the Store, Pool, Snack Bar. No View in the original room we had, We are not DVC members and paid a pretty penny for the upscale resort. Our view was air conditioning units and a service road. We complained and was told “Sorry” Only after posting negative reviews on Trip advisor did Disney react to our request for another room. THat room was across the street from the main Building with the store, Cafe and bus stop. The door to the bathroom was sticky and hard to open as it grinded across the slate floor. But it was closer to everything. As wel fly in from Washington State and use the ME to get to WDW and on property transportation anything on this property is designed for DVC members who bring thier own vehicles. I do not reccomand it for Park goers. Too expensive and to spread out.
    Animal Kindom Kadani Village is our favorite, just because of the viewing of the animals from our balcony in the evenings after returning from the park and while drinking coffee in the mornings. Still not great for the perks, Store, Cafe, Snack Bar and such. It was quite, clean and very adult themed.
    Port Orleans Riverside and the Prefered room are great, Close to the Hall, Store, Snack Bar, Gaming and we had a small pool right outside our room. Never used the main pool. The biggest problem with Riverside is the Bus, Wich pick up and drops off French Quarter Resorts guests first. Many times the Bus was full in early morning before it even got to the Riverside.
    Carribean Beach was nice and the music at the bus stops is cheerful and relaxing, But it is a long walk to ANYTHING. crowded bus service.
    For our money we like the All Star Music the best, However after the update and remodling of the room, we are not as happy. Get prefered rooms to be close to the Hall and Pool. The theming is great for the young ones. When they did the remodel and took out the carpet for laminate floors, It just feels cold and unwelcoming. I think Disney missed the point on this area. The best thing is the price. and lets face it, Are you staying in the Hotel to spend time at the Hotel and your room or are you staying on property for the perks and the parks. How much time do you really spend in your Hotel room. So for us we are very Happy with All Star Movie.
    You get what you pay for in most cases. So are yourself what your priorties are.

  13. Stayed at AOA December the room was little mermaid.It was entirely to far to walk to anything.T he third night we had no hot water we called and they moved us to Lion King room which was great! but the next night we had no hot water!!!Can you believe that! Had to use tepid water for shower we were leaving the next morning, We called and they credited our account for 131.00 which was good but everything was very inconvenient!

  14. I have stayed in the DVC villas at the Animal Kingdom and Contemporary. They are both great. The animals are amazing to observe. So special to wake up to animals outside your room. Many great AK restaurants! And the Contemporary, walk to The Magic Kingdom and on the monorail! Easy access to the monorail hotels with loads of great restaurants. These are my favorite hotels!
    I am curious which hotels are peoples favorites.

  15. I love the Contemporary. I am DVC so I usually stay at Bay Lake Towers I also like the Grand Floridian. It is pricey but nice.

  16. For us, it was Old Key West! The bus system was not ideal and took a very long time. We did love Olivia’s though – we’ll visit there while staying at a different resort!

  17. Can’t believe wilderness lodge got so little play. We love everything about it. The lobby,geyser point, restaurants, fast food, the boat ride to MK and the overall incredible ambience.

  18. I know it’s a popular one, but I will never stay at Port Orleans Riverside again. We stayed once in the Royal rooms, and the room was nice, but we didn’t like the walk to the main building, and the bus situation there was a nightmare more than any other resort we’ve been to. The room at Caribbean Beach left a lot to be desired, but I would still go back there, because I liked being close to the Skyliner. The Grand Floridian is my all time favorite and will stay there every time I am able, which isn’t often. The Art of Animation, even the Little Mermaid Rooms is our favorite affordable option.

  19. I absolutely love Animal Kingdom Lodge. I have taken my son & his family . I have also taken my granddaughter and her family of 5. While I agree the distance to the Parks on the bus with strollers can be a challenge, it is so worth the effort. Every time I walk in the door I say “ honey I’m home” because it is so inviting. I can’t wait until they open again .

  20. Our one and only stay at Bay Lake Tower, when the resort was brand new having only opened a few months prior, left us less than enchanted by BLT. We were arriving on New Years Day and were in a lake view 2 bedroom with our three adult children and our grandson, who was about 9 at the time. One of our sons arrived prior to us, checked in, and went to room. He had a sinus infection and the flight hadn’t helped any, so he just went in, closed the drapes and took a nap while waiting for the rest of us to arrive…..never noticing the room was an HA room with low beds, very low counters, etc. nor did he notice the place had barely been cleaned at all. The master bath hadn’t been touched, the dark cabinetry in kitchen had large very greasy fingerprints everywhere, the stovetop had grease and stuck on egg bits, not to mention someone had allowed a child to write all over the dining table with markers, and there was a huge dark colored (looked like some type of Koolaid or punch) stain on the living room rug, and fingerprints all over the large living room window. When we arrived early evening….I immediately asked front desk if we could be moved to a non HA room, since we hadn’t requested an HA nor did we need one. I was told there were no 2 bdrms available….at that point I addressed the condition of the room….IMO it really should have been out of service while the marker, and huge stain in particular were addressed. They did send someone to completely clean the room…..but the marker would not budge nor the carpet stain…..keep in mind….this resort had only opened a few MONTHs prior to this….the room looked like it had been in use for six or seven years of heavy usage. It was such a disappointing stay…we have never since wanted to stay there again.

  21. I agree with Bellamouse. Why would people continue to stay at a Disney Hotel, Disney continues to take away any benifit you get for staying on property. WE stayed on property on our visits because we fly from Seattle. Having the luggage checked in at SeaTac and having it arrive at your room was such a great stress relief. Taking the Magical express, not worrying about a rental or driving in a city I know nothing about, another stress relief factor. Not having to drive in the WDW traffic and park in the huge parking lots, Besides the fact that they now charge you to park a car at your already over priced hotel. Being able to check in fro our return flight at the hotel and check our baggage in right there was yet another stress relief. THe kids start the Disney magic when they get on the bus at the airport, Disney shorts are playing on the screen while we wait for everyone to board, and that the videos and infromation that plays while you travel. THose were huge parts of teh Disney MAGIC and made paying Disney prices more tolorabe.
    Disney is going to lose more people to off property hotels and venues. Someone is really not thinking in the management / sales / operations.
    Disney will lose money from the food sales of those people staying at the Hotels, The Hotel shops themselves will lose money due to the reduced numbers.
    If people are already off property, why would they not explore the other theme Parks, Seaworld, Aquatica, Discovery Cove, Universal. I already have to have a car to travel so why not explore some other options.
    I can say enough how Disney is changing and losing the Guest Relations aspect of the Buisness.

  22. If Mears is smart, they will continue the service including the videos on the bus. Charge a fee to ride and you won’t even know the difference since they were providing the service all along. They may have to repaint/rewrap the buses, but they could still do something Magical. They could even contract with the baggage company to provide that service as well. Based on their contracted price they got from Disney, they could charge the guests a similar price to ride the bus.

  23. It’s the people that make the place. Liked Coronado stayed there 10 years ago and the rudeness of a staff member still sticks out to me. The same with AoA it’s big and spread out did not like that part. But with had a problem and asked for help 3 times and got none so went to management .the next I guess staff remembered and were vindictive to us. Pop, and Movies at all stars have the best staff along with Riverside .

  24. So far I’ve stay at AKL, Poly, SSR, and AoA. Loved AKL and Poly, hated SSR and AoA. SSR room we stayed in was very outdated, didn’t like the bus system, or how spread out the resort is. We had quite a long walk to the main two pools. AoA we stay in the Little Mermaid rooms. While I loved the theming, it was too far away from the dining area and main pool. Also, I remember there being this weird curtain divider to the bathroom area? lol it just wasn’t my favorite

  25. I started reading some of the comments, and stopped, once I realized why I always avoid reading these types of posts. A WDW vacation is what the guest makes it, and I’ve decided not to post my opinions, since they vary so much.

    The only thing I will say – we’ve stayed at many resorts from value to deluxe and including SOG, and any problems or complaints at any resort were handled promptly. We choose our resort for a vacation depending on the location and theme we’re in the mood to experience.

  26. There is absolutely nothing wrong with or a “downer” about The Little Mermaid section at AOA. I have stayed there 3 times and staying there a 4th time in 2 weeks. It’s fun and very immersive as far as the icons scattered around are. The rooms are so cute and fun to stay in. I don’t get these opinions like this at all.

  27. Coronado Spring ……the rooms were too small. The bus shuttle was never on time. We booked a year in advance and they called and asked us to come to the desk…..far walk….. they needed our room because the had a convention come. What nerve. So we had to leave. We would never go back there again. Poor mange,ent. 👎🏻😡

  28. I love Contemporary and Bay Lake Tower and Old Key West. I’m a DVC owner. I’m not a fan of Grand Floridian, Polynesian or Yacht Club. The rooms seem way too far away from everything.

  29. this is why i like the Saratoga so much. it feels completely under the radar. It’s never the best resort but it’s also not the worst. it rarely makes it on any list.

  30. I am not a fan of port Orleans riverside. The resort was way to large. When you have to bus to different sections of the same hotel it is a major pain. And when you are trying to get to the parks and your in the first section to get on the bus you’ll be on there for a least 15 at the hotel, not to mention it’s not close to any park.There aren’t the best dining and entertainment for younger and older kids. The pros are a large pool and only a boat ride away from Disney springs.

  31. Wilderness Lodge is my one and done. The whole place is beautifully themed and the rooms (used to be) were perfectly decorated, but they were small and had to worst sound proofing. I didn’t just hear the neighbor flush, I heard 3 doors down flush. Could also hear next door on their balcony late at night which I have never encountered at another resort at WDW and people just let their kids run around all the time. I woke from a nap to the sound of voices and found 2 girls of about six sitting right in front of my door, no parents in sight, playing with dolls in the hall. Transportation was awful too. The bus to Epcot on EMH morning didn’t show until 7:30 and I had been out there since 6:50, the transportation person tried to tell me buses don’t start until 45 minutes until park open, but I told her buses start at 6:30 (not my first rodeo) and it was an emh morning, there should have been a bus at 7:15. Every bus was snared either with Ft Wilderness or Contemporary so it took forever and you were crammed in. The resort I can’t bring myself to try is the Contemporary which is highly over priced, loud and feels like you are in a bus terminal. Always a line at the monorail to either get on or cram into the lone elevator. Went there for dinner one night, got off at the wrong floor and spent 20 minutes waiting for another elevator to come.

  32. We have stayed at Caribbean Beach 3 times. I don’t think we will stay there again. We stayed in Martinique (paid extra to be near Port Royale), but it was so far away from Skyliner. The lines at skyliner that have been developing as Disney increases capacity makes riding a bus a good idea.
    Coronado Springs was not a favorite. To be fair, we stayed there when it was a construction zone. The room was in need of a refurbishment. One of the issues was the food court. My family didn’t think it had enough lunch dinner options.
    We almost stayed at Port Orleans Riverside twice. The first time we had to switch to another hotel because the grounds were not handicap accessible. I was using a knee roller because of an injured foot. The wooden bridge (when wet) was treacherous and the cobble stone was difficult with a knee roller. Many steps around the buildings. Disney moved us to a more accessible resort. The second time we made reservations for a Tiana room. Covid hit, no reservations. We did get to eat in the food court; it was very good.
    My favorite is Polynesian, and I hope I stay there next time.

  33. I am a DVC Member I got to stay in a few that I like and my home resort . They are all beautiful if I could stay in every resort I would but it is by availability and points you want to spend . D V C Member you save a lot of money it is investment I bought because I believe I would go to disney every year . Love the resort s stays I feel like a rich man for a week or more it is well worth it .

  34. Their properties are okay but we prefer the condos at Bonnet Creek Resort, located on DW property across from Caribbean resort. 3bed/2 bath condo for cost of a Disney moderate room. Full kitchen, 5 pools – right near Disney Springs.

  35. I never intend to stay at the following resorts again: All Star Music, Caribbean Beach, and Coronado Springs. At All Star Music, we were put out at Broadway. Broadway is as far away from the main building as you can get. A long hike back to the room. We actually stayed at Caribbean Beach three times. The last time we had no choice because there were not many resorts open (during covid). At Caribbean Beach, we were near the Port Royale but far from Skyliner (Martinique is far away from skyliner). Coronado was not a favorite. We were in a preferred room, but we were far away from the theme pool. Our next trip, I may chose P.O. Riverside preferred or move up to deluxe.

  36. We’ve stayed at almost all of the resorts in WDW. However we continue to prefer the Fort Wilderness cabins over all of the deluxe and DVC accommodations. Just love the privacy and the peacefulness feeling of the cabins as well as the actual campground. Of course the amenities are a plus (full kitchen). While it’s usually just 2 of us, a larger family may find the cabins too small. But we can make a vacation just staying there and enjoying the tranquil surroundings of the wilderness. The holidays are also a fun time to stay there, who needs to go to the parks to see decorations with tons of people when you can just walk around the campground and see the campsites all decked out for the holidays and then head back to the cabin and make s’mores on our bbq out front.

  37. Lucky me, our favorite is Carribean Beach! So guess this means easier to book. We love Banana Cabana and the pool. We love sitting out on the Cay in the evening to relax. We love the lobby and the quick service restaurant was lovely and food was good. We love the skyliner. We loved parking next to the room.

  38. Good!! More availability for me then!! The reasons are mostly rediculous! People are overly critical.

  39. Caribbean Beach resort is by far my favorite! We’ve stayed at four of the Disney resorts and have liked them all but CB is where we are going to stay again next month. I love the theme and overall look of the resort with its lake and island in the middle.

  40. Only going to list our favorites. No negatives allowed at WDW in our family. Full disclosure, we are DVC Members. Boardwalk Villas, Polynesian, Grand Floridian Villas, Wilderness Lodge, Beach Club Villas. Honorable mention: Bay Lake Tower, Old Key West, and Saratoga. Looking forward to trying the Riviera, Tree Top Villas and Cabins at Ft. Wilderness some day. Great memories and fun with the family make all the resorts wonderful. Those are our objectives.

  41. I did CBR for the first time last year and I think if it hadn’t been because of some Covid restrictions we wouldn’t have any issues. We were right next to a bus stop and close to the skyliner so that was great. Don’t’ really care about the food too much- but not having the Coke Freestyle machines open was a big drag. We had one super close to our room and if we could have filled our reusable mugs there we would have been happy. Only other problem was because of shorter park hours there were not enough buses to Disney Springs- even being the second stop on the bus they would get there full. We ended up taking Uber one day over there but not a huge deal. Now there are better hotels don’t get me wrong but if I was trying to save some money I would go again! Asking for a room on the bottom floor is important too. However I will note that I love my local mall….Mall of America 🙂

  42. I am a Disney fan and have stayed in All Star Sports (2017)…it was okay. Stayed at Pop Century (2020) loved it. Our next stay will be 2022/2023 and will be staying in Wilderness Lodge… really looking forward to it.

  43. As a change, we were excited to book a stay at The Animal Kingdom. We thought we would be in the main building, but we weren’t. For 5 days, the only animals we saw from our room were water buffalo and the workmen cleaning up after them. Not our favorite visit. Before that and since we stayed at our favorite place The Yacht Club. It’s simply the best place on property.

  44. We won’t stay at Sarasota Springs again, we love Disney Springs and thought it would be fun to stay near it but it is not a very nice hotel. The transportation options to go to any of the parks are horrible, they make the busses at AKL look favorable in comparison We found the whole resort to be run down and lackluster in comparison to any of the other resorts we have stayed at. Then the dining option was disorganized, chaotic and also not up to par. We have lots of favorites but you asked for the worst!!

  45. We have stayed at POFQ – a favorite, Polynesian-another favorite, Pop – eh cheap for skylines access but not my favorite, you definitely need to pay for a preferred room, Animal Kingdom Lodge – got a great deal on free dining years ago and they upgraded us on arrival to a savanna view! POR – it’s was ok, but French Quarter is so much better because of the smaller size and quiet, quaint feel. All Star Movies – good for when my kids were little, but I’d just rather stay at Pop because of the skyliner. Last, The Contemporary 2019 – very nice rooms, we were upgraded upon arrival to the main building as we only booked the garden wing due to cost. However, our room was by the Chef Mickey end, and the walls are thin, and we heard that song every hour on the hour! Too much for us! Also had a family member get sick – the cast members were SO HELPFUL! So, I cannot give enough praise to them for all of their help. From housekeeping to the food court CM’s, to the front desk, all went above and beyond. However, for us, it was a one and done.

  46. I have stayed at most of the Hotels on Property. The All Star resorts and Ports Orleans are the two I would not stay in again. I do agree with sprawling nature of Caribbean Beach. Swan and Dolphin are more like a standard Business Hotels.

    Anything on the Monorail is always first choice. As a Florida Resident they used to have really good deals on a room. After that I like Wilderness Lodge, Yacht Club and Beach Club.

  47. Our opinion is likely controversial for some. We were quite disappointed in the Polynesian Resort. The central hotel building and restaurants are fine, but the hotel rooms (2 years ago) were far from premium quality. Plus the distance from the monorail to our room was terrible at the end of a long day in the parks. The updates will likely help, but we’d still not choose to stay again. Our favorites are the Contemporary and the Bay Lake Towers for families with younger kids, and Boardwalk or Beach Club for stays near EPCOT.

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