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  1. In lieu of family suite pricing, sometimes it is cheaper to book 2 connecting rooms @ a value resort.

  2. Art of Animation is classed as a moderate resort. Only the little mermaid section can be compared to the value resorts.

  3. I don’t mind staying @ the Value or Moderate Resorts. Sometimes, the Deluxe Resorts can be too much.

  4. As a larger family even the value resorts are too much since we would need two rooms. In January we stayed at the campground. This team does not give enough credit to how inexpensive (and fun) it is to go camping at Ft Wilderness vs staying in a hotel. We rented a camper and even with that added cost it was 1/2 the price of staying in any other Disney property but we still had the full Disney experience. Not to mention the savings on food since we cooked most of our meals at the camper. For $200 I fed 6 people 8 meals, which meant we could splurge on a character dinner one night. Please DFB stay at the campground and rent a camper you will see it is such an awesome economical option especially for larger families.

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