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  1. To be fair, many moderate resorts also have many hotel rooms….

    Animal Kingdom Lodge: 1,307 Caribbean Beach: 1,536
    Swan and Dolphin: 2,270
    Coronado Springs: 2,384

    And while yes, there aren’t as many amenities at Pop as there are are a resort like the Contemporary, the people staying at a value resort are used to regular, not deluxe accommodations. The rooms are actually the same size that you would find in any value hotel anywhere else in the U.S. Plus the theming is sooo fun for the kids at value hotels! Don’t knock them; they are really great and still magical- it’s Disney World after all!

  2. On a recent week long trip to WDW back in October, my husband and I decided on Pop Century Resort for the convenience of the Skyliner (Loved It!!!) and the value to stay on property with the perk of early entry to the parks! We spent two days at Epcot and a day at Hollywood Studios which meant three days we could ride the Skyliner to our resort! The Skyliner was clean, well operated, and a nice ride at the end of long days in the parks. I certainly do not feel cheated out of more amenities for staying there. Our room was a spacious room with a dining table and very comfortable bed for sleeping, nice bathroom (I enjoyed the shower caddy with the H2O products!) and TV! The only neighbor noises we heard were from folks walking past our door, otherwise, it was a quiet resort. I would recommend Pop Century Resort to anyone! The cost of a WDW vacation is so expensive, I felt we made a great choice of a value resort for ourselves and made the best of our time going to the parks!

  3. I agree with Rebecca. The Value Resorts are ‘fun’ for kids. As Passholders we visited many of the resorts several times a year and with our 4 children as they grew up. That’s the point here. DFB did a good job in comparisons. Basically if your looking to save ‘a little ‘ money and are accustomed to average hotel room sizes, then don’t pass up these resorts. Our kids absolutely loved these resorts when they were young. As they grew we moved on to moderates.

  4. It is true value resorts are crowded, noisier BUT I travel by myself(disabled senior person, and I use a scooter to get around. I LOVE POP centuray because of that the staff I find are more helpful and the other guests are not snobs

  5. The other item missing from the value resorts, that we discovered 2 weeks ago, is they don’t have hot tubs at the pool. After walking 10 to 13 miles a day… we rely on a hot tub to relax those muscles!

  6. We have found that POP is the best of the Value resorts. They do not share the bus system with any other resort. We only use the resort for sleeping and showering. We tend to stay at the parks all day, even when we come as a family of nine. We are able to share adjoining rooms with a pack and play. We also have access to Shades of Green, military hotel, but find Pop a better value. However, that has now changed with the money-grubbing big wigs at Disney. We will now reconsider Shades or staying off property, if we return. There does not appear any reason to stay on property. Loss of the benefits of staying on property, and the money grabs now make it hard to choose a Disney vacation. Might have to consider the cruise line a better choice for a Disney vacation.

  7. Hello my family and I where in Disney world during Christmas holidays 2021 we stayed at the pop century it was very quiet at night, we loved riding the skyline the value resorts are very cool I’ll be staying in them again when my family and I return too Disney World. 16 yrs ago my husband and I took our daughters when they where 12yrs& 9yrs old in 2006 we stayed at the all star movie resort it was quite. We had a great time on both trips

  8. We stayed in the All Stars Movies. It clearly is a “budget/value” resort. It seemed quite similar to a Motel 6. It’s great if you have no desire to lounge around the resort or eat there. Perfect for a hot shower and bed. Our preference is Wilderness Lodge or Port Orleans Riverside.

  9. We stayed at Old Key West and it was impossibly far to the restaurant or main pool. If there was internal transport we never saw it. Nice rooms, but not great for the kids. This year we will get a family suite at Art of Animation. We will be in a building by the pool.

  10. My wife and I have stayed in a wide range of Disney Hotels. Both Riverside Resorts, Old Key West, Caribbean Beach, AK Lodge and Jumbo House. Kidani Village. All Star Movies.
    What is the reason you are staying at a WDW Hotel, to visit the Parks? That you are spending very little time in your hotel because most people are up early to get to the parks and stay late. All day is spent at the parks. So, spending Deluxe Disney Hotel prices for the same size room make little sense.
    As far as crowds, I don’t see much difference in the crowds between the hotels. If anything, the difference is in how many kids are at the value and moderate resorts. So, if it’s kids that bother you, by all means look to the Deluxe resorts because most families can’t afford the 6 to 8 hundred a night to sleep prices.
    If you are looking to spend your vacation at the hotel, you may like places like Old Key West. Miles and miles of hotel rooms weaved around a golf course. No great theming, nothing is close, food courts are tiny and not family friendly.
    Best advice is to examine what each resort has to offer and what fits best with your plans and budget. Do what work best for you and your family and don’t listen to what other people say works for them.
    We try to stay at a different Hotel each time we visit. We will never go back to Old Key West for any reason whatsoever. We enjoyed All Star Movie and Port Orleans (Riverside preferred rooms) and French Quarter Our room at Riverside Alligator Bayou has a small pool right outside the door. Room slept 5 so our 3 granddaughters were great with it but if you are not in a preferred room, you could be in for a long walk to your room as it is a very large hotel resort. French Quarter is one of the smaller resorts and nothing is really all that far away.
    Animal Kingdom Hotels are all more adult directed and not all that kid friendly. Likewise, Boulder and Wilderness.
    Do your research before booking, For my 2 cents All Star Movies is about the best value WDW has to offer.

  11. If it wasn’t for the Value Resorts, we would not be able to go to Disney as often as we do. Also, we found that we could sleep better with the two rooms so everyone can have their own bed and two bathrooms by booking two connecting Value Resort rooms. This was way cheaper than any other Disney resort with comparable beds/baths. This was great when we had two teens at home because we could go and come on our own schedules without bothering each other and did I mention, two bathrooms!! Our thought is that we aren’t going to Disney to stay in the hotel rooms so why pay an exorbitant price to sleep and bathe. We always request a room(s) on the back side away from the pools so it’s quieter and there’s less traffic. We also understand that no matter where you stay, it will be crowded because it’s Disney.

  12. We just spent a week at AofA. Food was great. Hubs and I shared Turkey dinner for supper one night. Breakfast were excellent. Loved the ease of the skyliner.
    Blue pool is wonderful! We had scooters so we utilized at family suite. It was perfect. Highly recommend

  13. We started going to non-Disney hotels near Disney Springs, and have stayed at a Marriott near Flamingo Crossing. Enjoyed the price/amenities more there than at Disney. We go so often (monthly) we now rent an apartment within view of MK fireworks for less than we were paying for hotels.

  14. With the price of moderate and deluxe resorts going thru the ceiling, the value resorts may just be the way to go. The way life used to be in the 1960’s and 70’s were you got to know your fellow guests. The pools are always great too.

  15. I realize I’m not a typical Disney World guest, being over 65 and childless. I’ve generally stayed at Port Orleans, usually Riverside but as prices kept rising I decided to spend two nights pre-cruise at All Star Movies and see how I liked it. I loved the theming of the 101 Dalmatians room I had and I had no issues with the room size or buses and even the food court was fine the one night I ate there. The one thing I missed, and it was a dealbreaker, was the lack of a lounge. The only place to get a drink was the pool bar and it was so packed I couldn’t even get up to the counter to get a drink to take back to my room. I have always enjoyed stopping by the lounge after the parks and having some wine and bar food for dinner if I didn’t have other plans so it’s back to the moderates or deluxe resorts for me.

  16. The problem is that you are paying almost (or over) $200/night for a motel room. If you can get past that, then the Value resorts are good. Otherwise, if you are going to pay $200-300/night for a room, it might make more sense to get a moderate or go offisite. Swan, Dolphin, and Swan Reserve are deluxe resorts that are very close to Hollywood Studios and EPCOT, although they do have $40/night resort fees.

  17. I have stayed at Port Orleans several time , but we love POP even more. I have three older teenage daughters and we travel with my sister so we get two adjoining rooms ..% ladies need at least two bathrooms. Love that we can walk to all the pools , the bus service is awful but the food court is great

  18. This item is meant to make us aware. However, all it has done is raise our concerns because we are staying at All Movies last week in September/first in October. We are now expecting to spend a long time waiting for the bus, wasting precious park time 😞

  19. Christopher, The Bus service at All Star Movies is really pretty good. The only problem is the amount of people early mornings. The bus’s run regularly. All the bus stops at ASM are right in front of the Main Building and Guest Services.
    My family has stayed in several Resort Hotels, Animal Kingdom Lodge, Old Key West, PO Riverside, PO French Quarter, Carribean Beach All Star Movies, and Really All Star was the best all around. They have a great food court, Preferred rooms have good access, both pools are good with the large pool being the best, but the Duck Pond pool is far less crowded.
    For most people the Hotel is just a place to sleep and rest between park visits. So, spending Moderate or deluxe resort prices makes no sense All the Disney resorts are overpriced. All Star Movies is equal to a Motel 6 or Best Western.

  20. Christopher, your time frame might not be too bad for bus transportation. My understanding is that the All Stars all use the same busses. So, depending on how many people are vacationing at that time and staying at All Stars will determine how busy the busses are. Hint: don’t leave the parks after the fireworks, busses are very crowded no matter which hotel you are staying at. Especially from Magic Kingdom.

  21. David Dominie, we have stayed at All Star Movies twice. Each of the 3 All Star Resorts have their own bus to and from the Parks. In all the Resorts the only 2 resorts that share a bus are Port Orleans Riverside with Port Orleans French Quarter and the 2 Animal Kingdom Hotels share a Bus. However, the Port Orleans Bus service at times has separate bus service.
    The Bus service with the All-Star Resorts is still very crowded, mainly due to the fact that they are very large resorts.
    Caribbean Beach and Old Key West have internal bus routes because the resorts are large and spread out. The bus runs around each resort every 30 minutes in addition to the regular park bus service. Each stop has a TV schedule so show the next bus for each destination.
    We like the aerosphere of Caribbean Beach, the lively music at the stops, but again the bus service is crowded and depending on where you are in the route you may not get on the bus because they are often full.
    Old Key West is our least favorite resort. In fact, I will never stay there again. It is very spread out, we were put in a section as far back as you can get from the main desk, pool and store. It was a 40-minute walk, our view was a service road and the air conditioning system for the resort. At over $400.00 a night I was not a happy Camper. We complained and got nowhere with the desk, only after posting on Travel advisors did Disney call and offer to change our room.
    In addition to Bus service the Port Orleans Resorts and the Old Key West both had boat service to Disney Springs which was really nice. Caribbean Beach now has Gondola service to Epcot and Hollywood Studios, so there are other options to those parks. The Boats seem the best and are seldom crowded to the point of not getting on. The Gondolas OFTEN have a long line and can take some time to get on as well as the transfer points of getting off one route and onto another for the two different parks.
    The Bus service that WAS shared with several Resorts was the Magical Express, but alas that service has been DISCONTINUED.
    Best of luck on your Vaca, make the sest of it.

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