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  1. We are DVC members . Our home resort is Old Key West. I enjoy the tropical vibes of the resort because we live in the north and our grey every day cooold winters are spent thinking and dreaming of warmth , blue skys , sun and green tropical trees and plants. Old Key West has all of that going for us. But the negatives are many. Recently the had a renovations of the rooms . We stayed in a ” completely renovated ” studio. The old And dated furniture was repainted ,table, chairs and headboards. It still had two beds and no comfortable chair or sofa for relaxing. So no change in configuration of the space. The kitchenette was repainted except one lower cabinet remained unpainted and did not match. The old narrow tiny cabinet was still there just repainted and a tiny t.v. remains on top of it . New window treatments were up and the old repainted chairs had new fabric seats. I will say the bathroom was nicely renovated. We have stayed in many other DVC renovated rooms and they were indeed actually renovated and space was rearranged to include a nice size cabinet , a comfortable sofa or large lounge for relaxing. As well as a table and 2 chairs and some have a pull out decorative twin bed. All have large flat t vs I don’ t understand how Old Key West rooms are suppose to be larger than other studios but have diminutive furniture and feel cramped and no chair or sofa for relaxing or addition sleeping. The studio has 2 beds with the new
    type foundation with an open area under them for luggage storage. That it . The other problem with Old Key West is it lack of food availability and limited selections ( other than Olivia’s ). One sit down restaurant , one bar and one walks up counter. There is no place to sit to get out of the rain or sun or heat other then a few umbrellaed picnic tables. Old Key West is a large and rambling vacation complex to have such miniscule food offerings and comfortable places to eat it especially if you need to get out of the elements. I would rather have a place like Gasparilla’s or the Artist’s Palette then a scuffleboard or tennis court at the complex. Despite the major disappointments I love Old Key West. Just wish we weren’t treated , by the power deciders and holders of Disney Vaction Club like the poor step sister of the DVC’s .

  2. Literally riverside is the worst Disney hotel I’ve ever stayed at and I’ve been to Disney 15 times. It is huge and so spread out. Not a lot to do unless your an adult and not close to any of the parks. Since the hotel is so big the bus makes several stops inside the resort because it is so large. Also it sometimes shares a bus with French quarter. When you want to get to the parks early, you are on the bus for about 15 minutes before it even leaves for the parks. It took the bus about 35 minutes to get to magic kingdom and it wasn’t even a peak week. We were going to stay at the boardwalk bit Disney told us we could save 500$ if we switched. I will never stay there again. The only pro is that you can boat to Disney springs

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