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  1. We just returned from a lovely stay at Pop Century. The rooms were small but what do you do in the room but sleep, watch TV and shower. The beds were very comfy and the water in the shower was hot. Everything we asked for was exactly what we got. We paid for preferred pool view rooms on an upper floor and our location on the 4th floor above the HD Pool was PERFECT. Sat a Petals for an evening cocktail as often as we could. Had a blast listening to the kids in the heated pool at 9:00 PM even when the air temp was in the 50’s. The children are tougher that we are. It was a short walk to the Skyliner or the front lobby for the busses. Even when the Skyliner was crowded early in the morning, we only waited a few minutes to get on our transport. Same for the busses to AK, MK, and DS. Never waited more than 5 minutes for a bus when going to or returning from the parks. Pop Century is so large it has dedicated busses and the Skyliner can’t be beat. Our average cost per night for the best room at PC was $220 compared to +$700 minimum, per night, to have a bigger or better decorated room.

    Bottom line is Disney is about the parks and the experience. If you can afcford $800 – $1000 per night to sleep and shower, have at it. We did not so why pretend. The parks cost the same regardless of where you stay and that is why we go to WDW. THE PARKS!! Would do it again, Pop Century, in a heart beat as long as we pay for the best room. As far as room location, we made our reservations 11 months ahead of time and then did the call-in a week prior to arrival and Disney made it magical for us including our luggage in our rooms when we returned from MK the day we arrived. Hope we can go again really soon and stay at Pop Century.

  2. From the first time we stayed at The Riviera Resort – we loved it! Both pools are pretty close to each other and we were so close to the Skyliner. As far as this resort being anywhere compared to The Shining, I don’t see it . We even stayed in the Tower room for two and to me it is one of the best places to be to see Epcot fireworks and the Skyliners coming and going . Riviera has become my favorite DVC resort.

  3. “Few Disney resorts are as historic as the almighty Contemporary.”
    As I’m sure you know, there is exactly one. The Contemporary and the Polynesian were the only resorts to open with Disney World in 1971.
    For me, the best things about Riviera are the restaurant (Topolino) and riding the Skyway to get there!

  4. I’ve stayed at Pop Century many times. I grabbed the bus at 2:30am for my races. I have a huge fondness for it and would rather stay there than anywhere.
    My first trip to Disney, many years ago, we stayed at the Poly. Loved it. I’ve stayed at several hotels and liked them all, but when I go back it will be Pop.
    I love Disney and all the wonderful people who work there.
    Lots of fantastic memories.

  5. Hi Grace! I’m with you there! Pop Century is one of my favorite resorts! I love the dance breaks and how bright and colorful it is.

  6. I agree with Caribbean Beach. We stayed there on three separate occassions. On our last trip there, we paid to be close to the food court and theme pool. Great, wonderful. Guess how far away you are from the Skyliner? Far!!! Being middle-aged and a person who deals with pain daily, I needed to use the internal bus. Bad news, the internal bus doesn’t always run to the skyliner. While we were sitting at the skyliner bus stop, my husband was on the phone arguing with caribbean beach’s transportation head (they have one) about the existence of the bus stop. The transportation head denied it existed even though were sitting on the benches with other guests.

    As for the polynesian, love it!!! We stayed there on March 10, 2022. The construction was done on the Grand Ceremonial house (currently they are working on a DVC villa tower, bull dozing the Luau show). Polynesian is my favorite. Enjoyed our time there.

  7. I agree with the thoughts on Contemporary resort. Stayed there once a long time ago. Nothing inviting about it! Glass, chrome, steel = industrial, a theme I do not like. Also stayed at Boardwalk and will never stay again. Themeing was very underwhelming. Pop Century is also a no return resort. Way too congested and noisy. Grand Floridian is also a one and done resort. Didn’t like the openness of the grounds. Felt like I was always on display on our balcony or just walking to and from. We stayed at the Polynesian many years ago and have never looked back. It’s the perfect resort for us! Love the lush tropical surrounding oasis. The tiki torches and the Polynesian music are so claiming and relaxing . Wish I could live at the Polynesian!

  8. Ok, I just don’t get people’s dislike
    for AOA’s LITTLE MERMAID SECTION. I love staying there, and have done it numerous times since my first stay on 2013.
    It’s theming is so fun, and the room remodeled with no carpet is great. Someone please explain this hate to me.

  9. Kris B., I suspect it’s entirely due to the great distance between the rooms and the main entrance to the hotel. Most of the negative reviews indicate long walks are a huge factor in hate.

  10. I am older than most people here, and I really enjoy the walks from my room. It gives me the opportunity to find things I might have missed the day before. Yes, maybe that evening walk back after a long day in the park is a little tough, but coming from someone in her 60’s with arthritis, I can still make it. 😉

  11. I’ve stayed at The Wilderness Lodge, The Polynesian (last November) Both FQ and Riverside multiple times All of the All-Star resorts and Pop Century numerous times and I love Pop Century! The buildings I’ve stayed at aren’t far away from everything and Ive never had to deal with any noise. If I quad to pick I wouldn’t stay at the Poly, to expensive for what you get. Beautiful but not worth it to me.

  12. I disagree with the choice of the Contemporary. It is one of the most comfortable resorts I’ve ever stayed in and the convenience of location, the monorail, the restaurants all contribute to it’s desirability. The Grand Concourse is loud, but once in a room, it is quiet and comfortable. I’d stay there every trip if I could afford it. Animal Kingdom Lodge wouldn’t be on the list, if not for the buses that you must take to the parks. They are awful and people are stuffed in them like sardines. Disney shouldn’t do that to guests paying so much to stay at a Deluxe resort. Other than that, AKL is so very wonderful.

  13. My opinion is we love Coronado Springs. They eliminated a lot of walking when they put the three Bridges in . It’s a beautiful resort! No matter where you’re at at Disney World there’s always a lot of walking..

  14. All Star Movies is my hands down go-to resort. It is very “Disney” so the immersion is there, but it is also affordable. I see no point in spending ludicrous sums of money to stay in the more expensive resorts when I am not there for the resort, but for the parks. If my goal was to spend my time in and around my room/resort then fine, but that isn’t why we go to WDW. Yes, food is food court style and all, but when we use the hotel dining it is late or for a quick breakfast, our special meals are in the parks so that is a non issue

  15. It’s Coronado for me. Love the food and the lay out of the resort. I stayed at Caribbean Beach this past May and it is too spread out for my family and I. Too much walking. The skyliner was fun, but it’s not close to any rooms so we had lots of walking. Next time I go I will stay at Coronado again.

  16. Just returned from 8 days at WDW which included our accommodations at the Caribbean Beach Resort! Loved the resort! Stayed in Jamaica, Bldg 42 , which was very close to the Skyliner and a reasonable 7 minute walk back to the main pool and Port Royale. Also a nice pool attached from Jamaica Bldg 43. The skyliner is awesome for EPCOT and HS, when it’s working. Biggest complaint I’ll register is the bus support when the Skyliner goes down. Woefully inadequate. We had one day when, due to lightning, the Skyliner went down and we waited over an hour for a bus to show for EPCOT. We stood at the Jamaica bus stop and then we’re told by a Security guard to head over to the Skyliner bus stop, only to be redirected back to Jamaica’s stop upon our arrival. While we waited over an hour, another WDW guest indicated she was waiting for more than 2 hours. Finally gave up and took a bus to MK and then the monorail to EPCOT. The bus drivers had no clue how to contact dispatch for an EPCOT bus. There was no answer at dispatch and (after their $30 Million transportation upgrades) the drivers no longer carry walkie talkies to communicate.

    That’s not any fault of the Caribbean Resort however and when the Skyliner is running, it’s a convenient and enjoyable perk of staying there.

  17. We stay mostly at the Grand Floridian. But we are two adults and no children. We enjoy the quietness after a day in the parks with all the whining and yelling kids. We get to enjoy the kids in the pool that are relaxed, laughing and having a good time, we love kids. It’s not crowded in the pool area either. The rooms are beautiful. We also like staying in the monorail resorts for easier access to the parks. We also love the Polynesian when we can book there. I really can’t complain of any of the resorts we stayed in, starting at the All Star Movies 23 years ago and working our way up. By the time you get to your room you pass out anyways. Some are just more convenient for the cup refills and getting a snack.

  18. For myself and when my family decides to tag along, we love pop century. All we do there is sleep, watch TV, and shower! That’s all you need. We also love Art of Animation if we want to spread out a bit and a little more theaming. I’ve stayed in the Coronado and loved it as well as the dolphin. The dolphin was the best. It was so comfortable, worth the money. But again, you/we go there to sleep, watch tv, and shower.

  19. I’m also a big fan of the Dolphin, Melanie! It’s so nice being able to take the Friendship Boat over to EPCOT and Hollywood Studios. Give me a boat over a skyliner any day!

  20. I can shed some light on the Art of Animation issue with the Little Mermaid rooms: they’re way too far out of the way.
    As a couple we stayed there not needing to pay for a family suite. But because they’re the only non-family suite rooms they don’t get preferential treatment. To get to them you have to walk through the lobby, pass Finding Nemo, walk through the entirety of the Lion King suites, walk even farther through a little circle area (can you tell I have a map up for reference) to get to the BEGINNING of the Little Mermaid suites. Then you still have to walk to your room which could be at the very back end of the buildings (I think we were at the far back of building 9). Overall, the walk feels about a good 15 minutes away from everything.
    If you’re going to the skyliner you have to the same in reverse but then also walk either through or around The Finding Nemo rooms. You’re just completely isolated and after a long day at the park it’s exhausting to get to.
    Also the music they play in the lobby is about a 20 song loop, we asked. After about 10 days of being there you get real sick of the same few songs. At Pop Century we didn’t even notice because it was more general radio-songs that act as more background music.
    However, besides that we absolutely loved the theming and felt it was hands-down the best we’d seen so far. So so long as you aren’t in the Little Mermaid rooms I’d still recommend it.

  21. I adored staying at Pop Century now that the Skyliner is there. I paid for a preferred room so I didn’t have to walk miles, which would have made a huge difference. But when traveling on my own I want to save money on hotel while getting free transportation.

    My family is debating between Grand Floridian and Contemporary for our next trip and I just can’t get over the money they’re willing to spend to be on the monorail line!

  22. Caribbean Beach by far is the WORST hotel on property and we will never stay there again. We paid extra for a water view room and the closest we got to a water view was, if we walked out our door and walked down two doors we could see the water. When we talked to customer service they just told us that they were over booked and they couldn’t give us a refund for the difference. To top it off, my parents, in the adjoining room, had their AC unit break and leak about 2″ of water across both rooms. We sounded like we were squelching through mud. Again, customer service was horrible and it took them 4 days to come out to look at it. Again, they did nothing to compensate for any of it. Honestly, it not only turned me off of Caribbean Beach, but off of staying on site at all. My husband wants to give it another try and stay at Wilderness Lodge, but I’m scared to. We’d be spending all that money, and clearly Disney Customer Service is no longer standing by when they make a mistake or something happens which would be their fault. Our stay at Caribbean Beach was so bad it literally ruined the entire trip for me.

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