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  1. Been there, done that on ever one of these. I’ve bben going for 45 years (started at 4) and the days of gotta see/do it ALL is long past…mainly because besides the 1 or 2 things that are new since last trip has already been done(many times). Disney is no longer the vacation that we need a vacation after because we’ve turned it into the relaxing vacation it should be. We park hop but only on our declared lazy days(just roaming). We do reservations but only a few days each trip. We would have NEVER discovered new places or tried different foods if we didn’t mostly wing it. There is sooo much to do at WDW that several trips don’t even include going into a park. Relaxing at Coronado or Beach Club and resort hopping & Disney Springs gives us the Disney fun and putt putt at Disney is a blast. Throw in a water park and we’ve killed 5 days w/o a park.

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