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  1. It is totally possible to be stylish AND comfortable at Disney! I once wore a dress with a full petticoat underneath and a (faux) fur shawl for the entire Christmas party and I was fine. You should’ve seen me stuffing all that fluff into the Space Mountain car! The one time I wore shorts rather than a skirt or dress to the parks, I was miserable! As long as I wear comfortable shoes I’m fine, and I’m not someone who walks a mile a day, nevermind 8-10 like I do in a Disney day

  2. I dress nicely, even in comfy clothes. And what about the nice restaurants for dinner? No reason to look like a slob.

    I would also pay for an upgraded room if there was a reason, my child wanted a themed room (yolo) or for a special getaway.

  3. I’m with bunny!!!! I like a skirt or sundress because also helps with my tan 🙂 if you’re in FL, might as well look like it!
    I’ve also gone I to the parks between conference sessions, heels & all. No issues.

  4. If you are going to MK for the first time, stay in the middle of the pre-shows. Seeing all four stgretching pictures can’t happen if you are near the opening wall. By the way, to find it quickly, stay near the wall with the CM.

  5. Regarding (not) “Buy Bottled Water”: I would say do it, but not in the park. I stop at Target (with rental car) on the way from the airport, and buy a pack of small 6 oz bottles, which fit conveniently into clothing (or bag). I can then take a drink without even breaking stride.

  6. Always get bottled water cause in most of the parks the water is horrible with sulfur taste .
    Not sure how they will be offering water during these times.
    You can get a case at multiple locations just outside the property only a quick trip away .

  7. Not only book with a discount, but if for some reason you don’t or can’t, remember to keep an eye out for deals that happen before your trip. I’ve had lots of luck grabbing a slightly better deal by calling Disney reservations if I see a better discount after I’ve booked. Sometimes the terms and conditions won’t apply, but it never hurts to ask. Also, this can be a good reason to use one of the better Disney-focused travel agencies if you don’t want to keep a watch on the deals yourself. These travel agencies will watch for and get you the discount if they can.

  8. Speaking of Mobile order. I was in Hollywood Studios yesterday and thought I would get a Blue Milk. When I get there, there is not a soul in line, yet they made me back out of the line and put in a mobile order on my phone! So five minutes later, I finally get to get in line and all they have to do is pull a handle. I was very frustrated with this as my whole transaction would have been “contactless payment” anyway (magicband), Grrr!

  9. You were spot on with most of your “never do this” The only exception for my husband and I was moble ordering. On our last trip the lines for moble order pickups were longer than the lines to order food. So we skipped it. But now there are more places with that option, we’ll probably try it on our next trip.

    Also, dressing comfortably does not mean looking like a slob. I wear nice shorts/skirts/tops, but I happen to have problems with my feet, so I can’t wear those cute flip flops and sandals so many people wear. I’ll wear less fashionable socks and athletic shoes to be able to walk 10 miles a day!

  10. Two tips—We ALWAYS pack some snacks/sandwiches with us in our backpack! Waiting in line for rides/restaurant can be too long when we get hungry. We make sure to get in “walking shape” before our Disney trips, and break in new shoes, so we don’t tire out too soon from the many Disney “steps” each day!

  11. I agree with the dress-wearers! Once you’ve found your perfect underskirt-shorts, dresses are far more comfortable and take up little room in the suitcase. (Steam them via showering if needed — most of mine don’t wrinkle or are meant to be wrinkled.) It’s all about the shoes — so knees up, I’m “fancy,” but the sneakers are broken in (but still supportive) and worn with socks and moleskine and whatever else I need.

    My big tip? BREAKFAST — pack bagels and peanut-butter, and you’ll be able to eat while getting dressed/sunscreened, or early in the park, and not waste prime park time. I like to save my $$ and calories for lunch/dinner/snacks/small-plates — everything except breakfast.

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