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  1. Really good points. Just one important correction: online ADRs officially open at 6am ET (and sometimes unofficially become available 15-45minutes before), not 7am ET. The phone lines open at 7am, but the online booking opens an hour earlier at 6am. If you log in at 7am, you’re an hour or more late to the party. It also puts phone line people at a real disadvantage.

    This is a change from before Covid-times when you are correct that both the phone and internet used to open at 7am. Not sure if it is to discourage calling in and flooding the phone lines, or if it is just an IT system change, but it is definitely 6am ET online now.

  2. I just discovered a Facebook group for Disney dining reservations. People post when they are going to drop a reservation in case someone is looking for one and can try and pick it up. Which I thought was a pretty cool idea…until I started seeing some of the posts! People make so many ADRs! Way more than they need. One lady had 4 reservations to the same restaurant on the same day! No wonder nobody can get a dining reservation! I know it sucks to have to try and plan your day so far in advance, but it just makes it harder for everyone else. People should should be more considerate of others. Thats just my 2 cents!

  3. We just returned from a week at WDW, and the dining situation was probably the most frustrating part of our trip (perhaps other than the 4am fire alarm at the Riviera!). We are always ready to go on the website as soon as the 60-day window opens, and we can typically snag all of the reservations that we want for our trip. However, many of our favorite restaurants have not yet reopened, and we ended up with some “Plan B” and “Plan C” options instead. I honestly don’t love the walk-up wait list. In the past, I felt like we could often go to a restaurant early in the day, ask about walk-up availability for lunch or dinner, and end up getting a reservation. Now, Cast Members just defer to the wait list in the app. We tried this, but didn’t necessarily want to eat in the next 5-15 minutes, which was the option that was offered, so we “bypassed that experience.”

  4. Another reason to stay home. I’m not going to spend all that money to get there and not be able to enjoy myself.

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