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  1. Kinda difficult to figure, but a voyage about the 2 day excursion could accommodate 400 to 800 travelers. That is a pretty big group to accommodate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I hope they can pull it off, but I fear that it will be like herding cattle at mealtime.

  2. Will the windows be able to switch to see the outside too? Wonder if it can get claustrophobic inside

  3. I don’t even know what to say about the cost! Just wow! I feel like Disney is pricing most families out.

  4. Leah, as far as Disney has indicated, the windows — which are actually high-tech screens — will only show vistas of space.

  5. Given the requirement of two people and the COST, I will rethink the trip with my son and his wife. I had thought he could do the Experience and Daughter in law and I could “spa” out for two day, then do the parks when son was finished. His two days will cost pretty much what the entire 5 day trip that we’d take.

    Who has that kind of money for a 3 day vacation?

  6. No one will stay at this hotel except the media and Bob Chapek. When Universal opens Nintendo Land Disney is going to be sorry for all their price gouging

  7. This is a 3 day 2 night immersive experience, is check in 3:45 pm 1st day and check out 11:am 3rd day????? is this actually a 1 day 2 night experience????

  8. So far the room pricing is mentioned as a per person, with 2 people per room being the most expensive. What is the pricing for just one person per room going to be. Also is the pricing for each type of room (standard cabin, galaxy class suite, and grand captain suite) be priced differently per person?

  9. Cruz, I’m not sure we have those numbers yet. Disney only released the sample pricing, so we may have to wait until reservations are live (no date for that yet, though).

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