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  1. Air quotes “BIG” savings.
    The standard off-peak room rate has more than doubled in the past 2 years. In 2029 we were able to consistently find All Star rooms for $80 a night.
    Now good luck finding one for less than $160 / night.

  2. I will never visit Disney again… Just come back from Florida and Disney, a total rip off.. A farce trying to find a ride less than 90 minutes, most up to 3 to 4 hours waiting times. Makes the parking and ticket prices a joke… Food and drink silly prices and usually junk food.

    Been visiting for nearly 20 years 4 times a year, I’m now priced out altogether, even charging for fast lines at extra cost making poorer people treated like 2nd class citizens.

    Never again.

  3. I don’t know if others are “hoarding” hotel reservation for the Moderate Resorts, or whether Disney just isn’t allotting as many for Annual Passholders now, but it has become nearly impossible to obtain a “Standard View” room at the Moderates for the Passholder Specials, & the price of ALL views has escalated to the point of being out of reach for a LOT of families! Even pre-pandemic, it was getting very difficult to book a Standard View at the Moderates for Annual Passholders (in Oct 2019, the Garden View at French Quarter was the least expensive Passholder Special at the time & that was still under $200/nite for 12 nights; in Jan. 2019 I booked a 12 night stay at Coronado for an average price of $180/nite TAX INCLUDED!, & these were the typical rates I was accustomed to). This year, I WAS able to get an Annual Passholder Special at Coronado (Standard View) for $211/nite for 12 nights, but there were NO Annual Passholder Specials available at all for the Moderates for my April trip & I ended up paying the full price of $293/nite for 12 nights at Coronado! I just post this as a demonstration of how out of line WDW Room Rates have gotten, even for the Moderates, & I imagine the Deluxe are even worse!!!

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