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  1. I agree!! My wife and I kept saying while at Magic Kingdom on Monday (1/24) “Where did all these people come from?” and “Why aren’t all these kids in school??”

  2. What time of the morning did you arrive to Magic Kingdom that it was already that busy? Was that rope drop?

  3. We arrived just after the rope drop. We noticed how large the crowds were around noon. Just a theory but Monday looks to be the nicest weather-wise for the week and maybe a lot of people decided like us that Monday was the best day. I did hear that Disney offered a special ticket offer for Florida residents?

  4. Yes! We were in magic kingdom yesterday and were SO surprised by the crowds! It was even busier than when we were here in December and when we were here (pre-pandemic) in June! Epcot today was more what we expected though likely due to the rain!

  5. I literally booked a week down here in late January to avoid crowds! I was kinda freaked when I saw the crowds. If this was slow season, how insane is the busy season. Fortunately a nice cast member said this was really high. We did HS on Tuesday and ROTR passes were sold out by 7:03 AM. Fortunately we still got to ride it.

  6. I was here that day and the whole week. We planned this week as it was listed as lowest crowds forecasted. What a mistake. We’ve been to Disney 2 dozen times and I never remember having such a crowd and wait times. Genie + didn’t help unless you got in 1st thing. I didn’t even get to half my favorite stops. If this is my future with WDW I’m not sure how often I’ll be back 🙁

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