Review: Rose and Crown Pub and Dining Room in Epcot’s UK Pavilion

Join us as we visit Rose and Crown Pub and Dining Room for lunch!

The traditional British Pub, located on the edge of the lagoon in Epcot’s UK Pavilion, offers an authentic experience for lunch, dinner, and drinks.

It had been a while since I’d visited the Rose and Crown; so on a recent trip my husband and I made an advance dining reservation and headed over. This is the spot to find comfort food, and I have fond memories of dining here with my parents and older brother back when you had to make your reservations via the World Key kiosks when you arrived at Epcot!

Let’s take a little tour before settling down to eat.


Like any good British pub, the Rose and Crown anchors the little “village” we know as the UK Pavilion in Epcot’s World Showcase. It’s the first structure you come to on your left as you exit the Canada Pavilion.

Rose and Crown Pub ©

Rose and Crown Pub ©

The Rose and Crown actually offers a couple of different service options. You can head into the Pub and order a pint or anything else from their full bar as well as a few “pub grub” food items, or you can dine at their table service restaurant. (But the English Bulldog, sadly, has still not made a return.) If you’re doing the latter, you’ll check in at a podium outside of the Pub.

Rose and Crown Check in

Rose and Crown Check In Podium

This is a popular dining spot in Epcot, so I strongly recommend that you book an advance dining reservation if eating here is on your Disney bucket list.

Outside, Another View

Outside, Another View

And don’t forget — you don’t have to step inside the Pub for a drink. The Rose and Crown Beer Stand is also open for business, and offers lots of variety. You can also score your souvenir stein here.

Rose and Crown

Rose and Crown Beer Stand Menu — Click to Enlarge

The Pub is also an extremely popular spot. Go early (they open at noon) to avoid the largest crowds.

Pub at Rose and Crown

Pub at Rose and Crown

Don’t forget if you’re trying to find room at the bar, it wraps clear around. :-) I’ve had some luck scoring a spot right here before.

Rose and Crown Bar

View of the Bar from the Dining Room

And if you time your visit just right, you may be treated to service from the Rose and Crown’s very own living legend, Carl! He’s been tending this bar for years and years and loves to chat with guests. He may even show you a fun trick or two!


Cheers! From Carl, the Bartender — A Rose and Crown Legend!

Stained glass windows aid in the authentic feel of the pub and restaurant. Look for the rose and crown emblems included.

rose-and-crown stained glass

Rose and Crown Emblems in Stained Glass

While the Pub and Dining Room are two separate dining spots, you can actually see into the Dining Room from the Pub.

View from Pub into Dining Room

View from Pub into Dining Room

Seating in the Dining Room is, well, cozy. It reminds me a bit of Liberty Tree Tavern in Magic Kingdom. The dark paneled walls and fairly low ceilings give the impression that you’re seated in an old inn, or even in someone’s home.

Dining Room Rose and Crown

Dining Room and Indoor Seating

The windows at the back of the restaurant offer views of the restaurant’s patio, and beyond it, World Showcase Lagoon.

view-through-window-of-patio Rose and Crown

View of World Showcase Lagoon from Rose and Crown

Most of the patio is well-covered, making it a perfect spot to dine rain or shine. However, I have eaten on the patio during a torrential downpour and it was less than enjoyable. Light rain? No problem. Freezing cold downpour? Nope and nope.

Side Patio ©

Side Patio ©

But the patio tables right off the back of the restaurant are some of the most sought-after in Epcot in the evening. They offer a great view of IllumiNations, Epcot’s fireworks spectacular.

Patio Rose and Crown

Outdoor Patio Seating — Up Close

If this is something that you’re after, here’s a TIP: book your advance dining reservation for 7:30 or after and request a patio seat when you check in. There are no guarantees, but you might get lucky. :-)


Since we were dining here for the first time in a while, I wanted to take my time reviewing the menu and making my choices. So it was a no-brainer to try a few drinks as we checked things out.

Rose and Crown boasts an impressive array of drinks. You have your standard list of wines, but they also offer several British and Irish Beers and Ciders on draught. And I really love their Pub Blends, a whole list of combinations that you can enjoy.

Rose and Crown Drink Menu

Drink Menu — Click to Enlarge

There are also some impressive flights offered. Enjoy a beer flight (I love the Imperial Flight), or try out a variety of Scotch options with three different Scotch Flights. We reviewed the Single Malt Flight a while back and really enjoyed it.

Rose and Crown Specialty Drinks

Drink Menu Continued — Click to Enlarge

I hadn’t had a Rose and Crown Signature Cocktail lately — from the list of Your Shout!!! options. I went with the Leaping Leprechaun, since I’d heard good things and I love me some Midori. This one combines Rum, Vodka, Whiskey, Melon Liqueur, and Sprite. It reminds me a little of the Victoria Falls Mist, one of my favorite drinks from Victoria Falls Lounge at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. While it’s not on the menu currently, if you get the right bartender, they can still whip one up for you. :-)

Specialty Cocktail

Leaping Leprechaun in a Souvenir Glass

But we also wanted to enjoy one of the Pub Blends. There are some great ones to choose from, and I know that lots of you make a ritual out of stopping for a Black and Tan! My husband gave this combo of Guinness and Bass Ale a try.

Half and Half

Black and Tan

Oh, and if you happen to be visiting on one of those rare cold, rainy days in Orlando, the Irish Coffee is a good option here.

Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee

But this day was neither cold nor rainy! So as we sipped our refreshing drinks, we looked over the menu.

Rose and Crown Menu

Menu — Appetizers, Entrees, and Sides — Click to Enlarge

I decided to order several of our standard favorites to see if they still deserved that title, starting with the Crock of Potato Leek Soup. This newer version still doesn’t impress me was much as the soup that I loved from days gone by (see more details about the differences here), but it’s still better than many “house soups” you’ll find around Disney World. You get the subtle onion-y freshness of the Leeks mixed with the rich, filling Potato. So it’s a win, even though I still believe there’s much less butter and cream involved than there used to be.

Crock of Potato and Leek Soup

Crock of Potato Leek Soup

It has been a while since I’d ordered the United Kingdom Cheese Platter, so we decided to see what it looked like these days. It’s definitely undergone some changes in presentation.

And prepare yourself to ask for more little toasts.

United Kingdom Cheese Platter

United Kingdom Cheese Platter

So, the main problem with the presentation here was that the garnishes pretty much covered the cheeses, so there was really no option to taste the cheese without the accompaniments. This was especially a bummer with the Cotswold Cheese, a Double Gloucester Cheese made from cow’s milk with chives added for extra flavor. It’s one of my favorites, but it was served with Pickled Vegetables, of which I’m not a fan. So I pretty much missed out on one of my favorite cheeses here because the pickled veg flavor pretty much overwhelmed the whole square.

Cotswold Cheese

Cotswold Cheese

McCall’s Irish Cheddar was our next selection. It was topped with an Onion Relish. This was the only one that we could taste sans accompaniment, and the sharpness was very enjoyable.

McCall's Irish Cheddar  Cheese

McCall’s Irish Cheddar Cheese

Our final cheese, Stilton, was combined with a heavy garnish of Toasted Almonds, Craisins, and a bit of tangy Berry Fruit Sauce. Thank goodness the flavor of Stilton is so strong, or it too would have been lost in the garnish. This one I enjoyed, though, as I like the combo of blue cheese with slightly tart berries and fruits.

Stilton Cheese

Stilton Cheese

Next, we ordered the Scotch Egg. If you haven’t had the pleasure, it’s a Boiled Egg that’s wrapped in Sausage and fried. These days, it’s served on a bed of bitter Mixed Greens with a Creamy Mustard Sauce. The mustard is a good condiment for this one, though the plating is still a little too fancy for me. ;-)

Scotch Egg

Scotch Egg

I then decided to forge into some unchartered Rose and Crown territory and went for the House-made English Meat Pie next.

House- made English Meat Pie

House-made English Meat Pie

This dish is a somewhat modern twist on a traditional favorite. A Sausage of Pork and Apple is encased in a Short Dough, similar to a savory pie dough. The whole thing is shaped into a roll, rather than an enclosed shape like a pie or turnover. It’s served with a side of traditional sweet and sour Piccalilli.

The plating on this one was a little strange. It looked like they’d made a big meat pie, and cut it into sections for the various diners who ordered it. Weird. But the main event itself was delicious.

Close up on English Meat Pie

House-made English Meat Pie — Up Close

Ready to move on to entrees?!? Let’s go!

I liked seeing an Indian-style Chicken Masala on the menu here, since I can remember so many nights ordering take-out Indian food with my flatmates when I lived in London. Seems legit.

The dish comes with sauteed Vegetables, Cucumber and Yogurt Raita, and sides of Naan and Basmati Rice.

Indian- style Chicken Masala

Indian-style Chicken Masala

The creamy Masala sauce, flavored with Indian Curry and Tomato, covered the generous portion of Chicken Thigh Meat. This dish is very similar to my beloved Butter Chicken at Sanaa, so it was a big hit with me.

Close up on Chicken Masala

Indian-style Chicken Masala — Up Close

The dish of steamed Basmati Rice served alongside was more than enough to accompany the dish. For me. Not for my husband. There’s never enough rice for him, so if you have someone similar in your group, be ready to ask for more.

Side of Basmati Rice

Side of Basmati Rice — Up Close

Our next entree was another traditional favorite — Bangers and Mash. A Rose and Crown signature dish, this one (thankfully) never seems to disappear from the menu. Traditional English Sausages sit atop a bed of creamy Mashed Potatoes. The whole thing is smothered with Shallot Gravy, and topped with Cabbage braised with Bacon. Seriously, it’s always good. That’s why I always seem to order it.

Bangers and Mash

Bangers and Mash

Finally, we ordered the Grilled New York Strip Steak with its sauce of Jameson Irish Whiskey and Peppercorns. But the real story is the side dish: a Loaded Yorkshire Pudding! You think I’m crazy, but, again, my husband is a huge fan of Yorkshire Pudding and will pretty much go anywhere that it’s served. But this isn’t just any ol’ Yorkshire Pudding.

This one is topped with Mashed Potatoes, which are mixed with Cheese, Shallots, and Bacon! What?! It was pretty much the most gorgeous combo of carbs, meat, fat, and…shallots…you’d ever hope to see. Why is this not a thing that happens all the time?

New York Strip Steak with Loaded Yorkshire Pudding

Grilled New York Strip Steak with Loaded Yorkshire Pudding

But we aren’t finished yet… we always look at the Dessert Menu.

Rose and Crown Dessert Menu

Dessert Menu — Click to Enlarge

First up was the Warm Chocolate Bread and Butter Pudding. This one doesn’t really belong in the same category as my beloved Bread Pudding with Bananas Foster Sauce at ‘Ohana. Not all bread puddings are created equal. This one is kind of dry — even with the creaming pudding base — and was pretty forgettable.

Warm Chocolate Bread and Butter Pudding

Warm Chocolate Bread and Butter Pudding

I also finally had the chance to try the Jaffa Tarts for myself. The house-made Cakes are small domes of Spongecake with Orange Cream (Jaffa is a kind of orange), covered in Ganache.

Jaffa Tart

Jaffa Tart

The Pastry Cream carried the orange flavor nicely, and I thought there was a good ratio of cream to cake here. But I’m not a huge spongecake+cream fan, so this wasn’t my favorite dessert ever.

Inside the Jaffa Tart

Jaffa Tart — Inside

My husband can never pass up the Sticky Toffee Pudding, with its steamed pudding consistency and Vanilla and Hot Butter Rum Sauce.

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Sticky Toffee Pudding

But we also decided to sample the Banoffee Tart.

Banoffee Tart

Banoffee Tart

This version, basically a Chocolate Banana Cream Pie with a Jameson Whiskey Sauce, was housed in a Chocolate Shortbread Crust. A must-eat? Nope. It was fine, but nothing spectacular.

Inside the Banoffee Tart

Banoffee Tart — Inside

And that’s a wrap on another lunch at Rose and Crown!


I’ve been to Rose and Crown a LOT, and when I go there I expect to order British-y comfort food as well as remember a few family memories. On my past few visits, though, there have been more and more “fancy” additions to the menu, the plating, and the desserts. None of which, in my opinion, have really been carried off very well. When Rose and Crown does classic comfort food, they do a great job. But when they try to get trendy, things can really fall apart.

Highlights on this visit were the new-ish Chicken Masala — an Indian comfort food, and that phenomenal loaded Yorkshire Pudding. Who wouldn’t love that? Keep it simple when you order. Stick with “pub food” and you’ll be good to go.

Is Rose and Crown one of your favorite stops on your Epcot Trip Around the World? Let us know which dish is your favorite in comments below!


  1. Kelly M says

    Ooh, that’s nowhere near an English meat pie… That there is a sausage roll… how weird.

    The Jaffa dessert looks good – have you ever had real British Jaffa Cakes AJ?

  2. says

    Kelly M — You may find a more approximate meat pie over at Cookes of Dublin in Downtown Disney. I haven’t had real jaffa cakes unless you count the pre-processed ones that come in the box. ;-D

  3. Sandra says

    Timely as we have a lunch reservation there in November. Haven’t set foot inside R&C in 26 years. My husband specifically wants to go for the bangers and mash, so I hope they are English-style sausages and not American.

    Having consumed many raised meat pies in the past, I agree that what they served was a sausage roll (I’ve eaten a fair number of those too). Good but not the same at all.

  4. Frankie says

    I’m English and even I’m all sorts of excited about that Yorkshire pudding! I might have to try and make one at home…

  5. Lisa Liberi says

    Carl, the bartender is the best! Carl has helped us celebrate many special occasions.

  6. Gina Cerasuolo says

    My husband and I stopped into the Pub for a quick bite and ordered the cheese plate. I agree that the accompaniments should be off to the side. Next time, I’ll be sure to order it that way. A few more “toast” wouldn’t hurt either. Generally, we’ve always been pleased with our meals at R&C.

  7. anna rydelewski says

    I always get anxious when I read about the rose and crown. I always see odd things on the menu that I’ve never seen on a pub menu in my life. Or anywhere in England. But then I’m from Yorkshire and we tend to leave things simple.
    I’ve always wondered if the r and c is owned by Disney or external chefs and if it’s the latter….how much/and how would one go about potential acquisition….

  8. Essie says

    I’m an Anglophile and have never eaten here! I will be changing that on my next trip, but I may settle for fish’n’chips at the QS spot.

  9. Paul in CT says

    I really enjoyed your review! My favorite at R&C is the Scotch egg with extra mustard sauce. We have been lucky to score a seat on the patio for IllumiNations a few times.

  10. Michael Nolan says

    We like to stop in for a couple of Black and Tans when we’re there. I liked the fish and chips there, but we prefer Raglan Road’s. Hollie liked the pot roast, but it doesn’t look like that’s on the menu anymore.

  11. Betty Graves says

    The problem is you go in and have a great time. Before you know it they are calling “last call”.

  12. Tom says

    Wish they would do something about the old very tired beer selection. The fish and chips is about the same portion as you can get outside for double the price…but still always great to stop in and see Carl and they pour the best gin and tonics on Disney property.

  13. Mike V says

    Never ate here (and seems like I am missing something) but always stop for either a Guinness or the Imperial Sampler.
    An interesting note that Gavin (younger bartender that has seemed to be there for years) told me was remember the old Rose & Crown 1/2 yards?
    When the whole SARS virus broke out they stopped refilling them. Gavin explained to me that you can still get them filled. They do not fill it for you however give you the proper amount of beer to fill it with. And it’s still for the inexpensive price of 10.99.

  14. Jon says

    AJ, the proper Jaffa cakes are the ones that come in a box!

    I would say that is close to a British pub menu. Although steak would come with chips and pea. The Yorkshire pudding with mash would come with sausage for bangers and mash, or of course yorkshires should really be served with roast beef.
    The pie does look more like a sausage roll, but I would still not find it strange in a London pub.

    It’s the pub blends that come accross as strange. Shandy is very common, lots of students drink cider and black and some student bars refuse to serve snakebite as it can be quite toxic! But I’ve never heard of mixing other beers together.

  15. Beth W. says

    Hubby and I stopped in the Rose and Crown Pub last May for a drink before watching Illuminations. I tried the “Cidre and Black”, which was hard cider mixed with blackcurrant liquor. OMG, it was DELICIOUS!! It went down so smoothly, that I ended up a little tipsy before the end of the glass! I started talking to my hubby in my best fake English accent… :)

  16. Patty Maryniak says

    This past spring 2016, my husband had the meat pie and it was delicious. However, it was not like the one in this article from a year ago…thankfully. It was like a meatball inside the pastry. I’ve tried to get the recipe from them, but unfortunately, they don’t share this one. We loved the fish & chips and the bangers & mash. I didn’t care for the shepherd’s pie, but my husband liked it (though he’ll eat anything). You have to have the Sticky Toffee Pudding. Incredible.

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