Disney Food for Families: Ideas For a Disney Food Gift Basket!

Let’s face it, while you’re off on your Walt Disney World vacation, there are often folks back home working hard to keep things in order: the teenage neighbor who stops in to water your plants, the kennel manager who makes sure your pup gets lots of love, the UPS guy who holds onto your packages for you, the teacher who prepares a special homework packet for your child so you don’t feel quite so guilty for taking him out of school, or the handyman who shovels the unexpected snow off your driveway. They all deserve a gift of thanks for their extra effort.

Lucky for you, Disney is the perfect place to shop — and it’s the perfect place to shop for food-related gifts. Hey, your dog-walker has to eat doesn’t he? Here are some ideas for thank-you gifts that you can get during your Disney travels.

Holiday Food Items as Gifts!

In the season of giving, Disney creates plenty of tasty holiday-themed treats that are perfect gifts for folks who need just a little something.

Candy cane tree, peppermint bark

Holiday cocoa

Gingerbread, available at the resorts with gingerbread displays

Emily J. on the Disney Food Blog Facebook page suggests using Disney holiday-themed [Read more…]