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  1. All good, but cut back on the clothes for a weeks stay. 3 pairs of shorts max, 1 long pants, 6 t-shirts, 4 sports/polo, try ped Sox vs. full length, Reconsider every item in your bag, plan-each days wardrobe and leave room … it seems that whenever I return from a Disney vacation, there are always items I never wore, plus most deluxe resorts have in room laundry and all resorts have washers and driers. I have even washed my own on Disney Cruise line.

  2. Well, I can’t agree with all of these. FIRST, you do need a water bottle, unless you don’t mind standing in line waiting for a small free cup of water with ice. C’mon, if you look at the cast members they ALL have water bottles! Second, you may not need that silly Minnie fan, but what does help is one of the fans that sprays water as it operates! These really do help! Especially in the summer heat. Now, how could you even suggest that Gum is not essential! IT’S NOT ALLOWED ANYWHERE! They don’t sell it anywhere on Disney property and they don’t want it there! Walt made this rule when Disneyland opened! I’m shocked that you are telling people to buy gum before their trip! You’re telling them how to break a rule! As to not really needing cash….I worked for Disney for many years, and Disney LOVES plastic, especially when it’s hooked to a magic band, because guests really can’t keep good track of what they are charging…because it’s just too easy to swipe! If you on a budget, when your cash runs out for the day, it runs out and that’s it! Unless, of course, you have no budget!

  3. Love this list but I’m going to disagree with the First Aid kit. Disney First Aid Stations are absolutely first rate but they can be a long way from where you are in the park. Additionally, I’ve given out lots to other guests that needed Band Aids. All I ask is when they have a kit to pay-it-forward to another guest.

  4. Margaret+Zukoski, First off, the cast members have water bottles because THEY can not just leave their post and go up to a quick service and get water. What the DFB was saying is that water bottles are not the only way to get water if you don’t want to consume water from a plastic bottle. Many people don’t realize that you do not have to buy water and can just get cups of it for free. For some on a tight budget, waiting for water is a better option then always buying it. Second, gum is not “banned” just because Disney does not sell it does not mean that they can tell people that they can not have it. I don’t blame them for not selling gum, but if you bring your own, be responsible and make sure it does not end up on the ground. I will say that a person should always carry some cash on them. I have been to WDW several times when the “system” went down temporarily and you could not charge anything. Definitely bring some cash.

  5. Another thing you won’t need to pack is a hair dryer. We stayed at Pop Century in Dec 2020, and the hair dryer in our resort room was just as powerful as the one I have at home. And I agree about packing less clothing (especially shirts). We took enough clothes for half of our trip, and then did laundry halfway through, which worked out great. But this was our first Disney trip, and what we hadn’t counted on was how many t-shirts, sweatshirts and, in my husband’s case, Hawaiian-style shirts we would fall in love with and buy during our trip. If your budget and plans include buying clothing, leave room in your luggage for it and plan on wearing it during your trip! (One thing you DO want to pack is a small pair of scissors to cut off all the tags, though.)

  6. In reply to “Rocky.” You do not have to pay for bottle after bottle of water. You bring a bottle and simply refill it from fountains. I’ve done this myself. Second, if Disney wanted gum there or allowed it, they would sell it. Sadly, people are NOT responsible with gum. How long did you “work” for Disney?

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