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  1. If I had any say in it (which I don’t), I would suggest putting off the spaceship earth refurbishment until Guardians of the Galaxy and Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure open. These two attractions will keep the crowds coming even with spaceship earth closed.

  2. Until disney gets better management, the current regime will let it sit there and rot, the show quality inside is so bad now, they arent even keeping up with any of it. The shining white flood lights in the cave scene is deplorable. Wont even mention the lousy ending, we all know the bad shape that is in.
    Could we talk about how tomorrowland though is now a wasteland in the magic kingdom? They should be utterly embarrassed. They have no clue anymore what they are doing and no direction, its pathetic. Its just going to get worse all around until someone gets in there who knows what they are doing, which no one does currently.

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