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  1. It is just endless the Nickel and Dime things that they are doing to all the good times we used to have there! And so many things that used to be included in your price WERE FREE! Next it will be water and Bathrooms! Better have you magic bands or a roll of quarters ready!
    My wife who is a first responder (Operating Room Nurse) and I along with our dog were there in April of this year all masked up at that time. I just wanted to surprise her and go away and relax, do the parks, dinner, etc. We have been going to the park since it opened and after 2 days we were sitting down and she said, DISNEY IS NOT THE SAME! And yes she is right and I will say to her its heading in the wrong direction Walt would not be happy at all!

  2. OK, I recognize this is a silly question, but the wording for the Water Park and Sports option is strange. It says “adding the Water Park and Sports Option gives you ONE admission to select Walt Disney World experiences”. Are they simply indicating that each Water Park and Sports option is good for ONE person (that’s my assumption), or if you read it more simply, it implies that you can go to each of those experiences just one time. For example, you can visit Typhoon Lagoon once and then that’s it. Again, I recognize this is a silly question, but the text description is not clear. I’m assuming they mean for one person, but I’m not sure why they would even need to write that. Thanks!

  3. Paul, it’s not silly at all; the wording is confusing. Our understanding is the same as yours: it’s good for one person to visit per day. The fine print on this with regard to mini golf says something along those lines (“one visit per Guest per day), so we think that’s what they intended for water parks, too.

  4. Paul, hopefully Disney will clarify this so we can all take a big breath of relief. But for now, we’re expecting this will be the case.

  5. Craig, I hear you; lots of changes, and they can certainly put a damper (so to speak) on things. Unrelated, can you please pass along our thanks to your wife for her work as an Operating Room Nurse? My aunt is an OR nurse as well, and their work is so appreciated all the time — of course with an added intensity now. Best wishes to you both.

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