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  1. FYI, it’s “Skechers,” not “Sketchers”.
    I got a pair of Skechers Go Walk Joy slip-ons last fall, and they are great for WDW!

  2. I have hyper extended ligaments in both ankles, which mean they turn easily. I wear lace up ankle boots even in 90degree weather if I plan to walk a lot ( especially in Ezlmart, with its slick concrete floors). Mine came from.Abstract Trendz,and have memory foam inserts and thick rubber soles. The padding is great, and the ankle support is excellent. Imagine getting off a ride on your first day of a week.long trip, and sprain ing your ankle. A plus is they come in great colors with wonderful drsigns. They take time to get here, but are worth the waiting. They run around $60.

    I also.own Skechers, but they don’t provide any suppory. In fact, those thick soles on a pair of their sandals caught in the paving stones,atca,local.store and sent me flying. Those sandals went to Goodwill after three wearings. Support is as important as padding.

    My husband wears combat a style boots which kept him.going during long days delivering groceries ordered online to people waiting in their cars. He swears by them. He got them at either Amazon or Wal-Mart for around $30.

  3. I swear by Altras. They have a wider toe box, so feet don’t get as squished. I can walk all day in mine and not start to hurt. Usually pack at least 3 or 4 pairs so I can rotate them out and pick the correct pair for each park.

  4. Sketchers never let me down. My sketcher sandals were more comfortable than the Reebox sneakers I brought.

  5. I ended up wearing a pair of Hoka Bondi 7, which I just got so had no break in time. They were great, I wore them for a 7 day trip as my only shoes. I got one small blister, but I brought my personal podiatrist aka my daughter. She worked her moleskin magic and fixed me right up.

  6. I’m so glad to hear those worked for you, Lee Anne! I’ve heard good things about Hokas and I can’t praise moleskin enough!

  7. Asics. Venture 8, Nimbus or Kayano 23. My go to are Cumulus. They weigh only 10 ounces and get me through 14 days of walking and standing in lines with no blisters.

  8. I love Brooks, Ghost is nice light weight breathable shoe with decent support and cushion. Brooks also has a line of walking shoes that have great cushion and support, but not very breathable.

  9. If you want to avoid plantar fasciitis do not walk for long period of time – like at Disney – in flip flops or any shoe or sandal that is not secured at the heel. This is straight from my podiatrist who treated me for PF after I suffered from it for years following a trip to Disney during which I mostly wore flip flops. He said the best foot wear is supportive athletic shoes that you’ve worn and broken in. Second best is supportive sandals that have a heel strap, like Tevas or Chacos. Again, worn and broken in so you know they work for you. No flip flops, no clogs, no slides for long distance walking. The toe gripping action needed to keep the shoe or sandal on is what precipitates plantar fasciitis. And I can tell you with authority, that you do not want to ever suffer from that. Oh, and wearers of Crocs have sent my podiatrist’s three children through college.

    PS – my PF was cured with regenerative therapy with stem cells

  10. Definitely a flip flop girl. I love the Clarks Breezy or Brinkley Flora – either one has good support.

  11. I agree with Nina. I’m currently at Disney World and have 2 pair of Go Walk Joys by Skechers that I’m wearing. Not only are they ultra comfortable, they’re machine washable and nice and cool.

  12. We love wearing running shoes they seem to b the best for us Im sure other guest have shoes that work for them it’s just what ever works for everyone if u can not find a shoe that feels right maybe u should try a good running shoe of course at the pools flip flops r a must so keep those feet happy and they will help u enjoy the parks

  13. I have worn Birkenstock’s almost exclusively for over 20 years. Their footbed holds your feet in a specific position. I’ve found that whenever I have worn other types of shoes, they make my feet hurt because they hold my feet in a different position than the BIrkenstock’s do. I suspect the reverse is true too which would explain the comment in the article that Birkenstock’s make people’s feet hurt.

  14. I basically live in Doc Martens and my last Disney trip I did the same, my feet LOVED IT! Of course, I have insoles in my Docs but that extra ankle support? Amazing

  15. SAS sandals are the only shoes I wear at Disney. They are made in the USA (a bonus for me), support my feet, and are comfortable from the first moment I put them on.

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