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  1. AJ CROCE…..we have seen him twice…..Don’t miss his show…..wonderful….his piano nearly catches on fire when he plays !!

  2. Why when I clicked on the 2023 Garden Rocks Concert Series on your blog, does the lineup go to what was there last year in 2022? Very confusing. I have the Pixie Pass that is only good Mon thru Fri. Wanted to make a reservation for a restaurant packet for a guaranteed seat. Where do I find the actual lineup for 2023? Used to really like your blog, but am wondering now. Thought this had all been released for 2023.

  3. Thanks so much. I figured it out once I finished my post and realized the picture of one of the performers from 2022 you had probably just used as an example for anyone that possibly had never been to the concerts that go along with Flower & Garden, but the dates were for 2023. Sorry.

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