DFB Podcast Episode 14: Best Disney Hotels for Dining!

Hey all!! Episode 14 of the DFB Podcast is now available for your listening pleasure!!

Yep — we know that secretly you all choose your hotel based on what restaurants you can get to within walking distance (doesn’t everyone?!?).

So we wanted to make your decision making process as easy as possible and just share our favorite Disney hotels for dining. It takes the guesswork out of it for you, ya know? ;-)

SO — listen in to hear some of our favorite Disney hotels in Disney World AND Disneyland…based on restaurants alone. (Of course, this is the most important criteria for a hotel. It goes 1.) Good restaurants, 2.) Beds and stuff.)

And we also throw in some awesome listener questions (and our basically-decent-if-a-little-bit-too-long answers) and some Disney TRIVIA — which gives you the chance to win one of our DFB Guides to Disney World Dining! Woo!!!!!

Alrighty…time to take a listen! And don’t forget to rate us on iTunes!