2011 Disneyland Candy Cane Dates

UPDATE: Thanks to our buddy Linda, we’ve learned that vouchers are still handed out at Candy Palace. You will receive a wrist band and a reminder paper about what time to pick up your Candy Cane.

UPDATE #2: More thanks to DFB friend, Corinne for the following info: I was lucky enough to get a candy cane on my first try!
We took advantage of the Magic Morning early entry: we were at security by 7:15, at the turnstiles by 7:30, and then the mad dash to the Candy Palace.  Here’s our experience: Many people had no idea why there was a line at the candy palace!  When the park opened at 8, I sent my husband ahead to get a place in line–that was a minor mistake…all of your party must be there to get in line, they will not allow people to join others already in line, so stay together. We received a wrist band a few minutes after 8, it had the date and “batch” time on it so we could return anytime after 9:30 am up until 4 pm.  We went about our day at Disney, and returned in the afternoon to watch them make the candy.  When we went in to purchase them, a cast member cut off the wrist band and kept it in a plastic bag so there was no potential to pass them around, I suppose.  I did talk her into cutting just the date and time from my wrist band so I could put it in the scrapbook!  We immediately took the candy canes back to our resort to avoid breakage.  Thanks to your blog I was able to do my homework and increase my chances to get a candy cane!

For the past week I’ve been calling Disneyland EVERY SINGLE DAY to try and get the scoop on this year’s candy cane making schedule. I even visited twice to ask in person to no avail.

I am excited to announce that I finally made some progress and that we are the FIRST to deliver the schedule and “rules” to you, our awesome DFB readers!

For those of you who don’t know about Disneyland’s hand made candy cane tradition, you can read all about the famous Disneyland Candy Canes here.

This year things are a bit different:

Disneyland Candy Cane Tickets/Vouchers

Tickets/Vouchers will be handed out at the entrance turnstiles at park opening; you no longer have to make the dash to the Candy Palace to get your ticket. This INCLUDES magic mornings, so if you are staying at the hotel and want candy canes on one of the scheduled dates listed below, you will have access to a voucher one hour before [Read more…]

Dining in Disneyland: The Race For Hand Made Candy Canes

She gave you the dates of the 2010 Disneyland candy canes, and now she’s back…with the real thing!! Heather Sievers, our Dining in Disneyland guru, reports on the mad rush for canes at Disneyland’s Candy Palace!

Candy Palace Candy Cane Signs

After hearing about Disneyland’s hand made candy canes, I put it on my bucket list. Something I’d have to do at least once in my lifetime. So, why not take care of it now and share it here on the Disney Food Blog?

Let me start by saying that [Read more…]

Disney Food Post Round-Up: November 28, 2010

Happy Turkey Day Weekend, everyone! Here’s a bit-o-news to start your week.

Eating (and Drinking) Around the World has a photo-filled review of the Swan and Dolphin Food & Wine Classic tasting stations.

OC Register takes us inside Disneyland’s Club 33 and reports on the first day of Disneyland Candy Canes this year.

Theme Park Insider reviews Disney’s Hollywood Studios’ Hollywood Brown Derby restaurant.

Touring Plans‘ blogger Todd Perlmutter reviews Disney World’s Kouzzina, Le Cellier, and The Wave…of American Flavors. And, oh, by the way, he got to meet Cat Cora!

The Disney Chick makes Apple Caramel Pie from Wilderness Lodge’s Whispering Canyon Cafe.

Main Street Gazette has a mouth-watering review of his Aloha Pork Sandwich at Captain Cook’s in Disney’s Polynesian Resort. Just goes to show, deliciousness is around every corner in WDW!

AllEarsNet blogger Jack Spence has some great food pics from Pollo Campero in Disney World’s Downtown Disney.

Magical Kingdoms has a great review of their free Disney Dining Plan usage, including how much it saved them over a 19-day trip to Disney World.

Watch Me Eat heads to Earl of Sandwich in Disney World’s Downtown Disney!

Dates for 2010 Disneyland Candy Canes

Disneyland Home Made Candy Canes: Image (c) Disney

Our Disneyland Guru and columnist, Heather Sievers, checked in last night and discovered the dates that Disneyland’s Candy Palace is planning to make their famous Disneyland candy canes.

Here’s what she found out (all dates subject to change!):
Candy Canes will be made on [Read more…]

Disney Food Post Round-Up: November 21, 2010

Disneyland Candy Canes: Image (c) Disney

Yay! After an absolute dirth of Disney Food news over the past month or so, we’ve got a lot to report this week!

And thanks to the OC Register for highlighting our Disneyland columnist’s Thanksgiving and holiday treat pics! (Thanks, Heather!)

And now, on to the Round-Up!

Yesterland takes a rare foray into the present day to review his 20 Epcot Food and Wine Festival seminars! Delicious! (You can take his word for it.)

DisneyGeek Has a great construction photo from the Disney California Adventure dining site.

Mousesavers.com‘s Mike Waring reviews Epcot’s La Hacienda de San Angel.

BritMick has tips and tricks for booking your Disney Dining from the UK.

Red Velvet Cheesecake Cupcake

Main Street Gazette was the one who told me about the Red Velvet Cheesecake Cupcake! Here’s his review!

Party Through the Parks reviews those holiday drinks at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. (What’s wrong with a cup of sweet and sour mix with blue curacao?)

Gastropod Travels reviews a few bites of food and a LOT of drinks over at Disney’s Hollywood Brown Derby!

Snowy Tundra Training has a bunch of fun “facts” about Dole Whips — but the pic is the best part!

DisUnplugged checks out WDW’s Downtown Disney Spice and Tea Exchange! Can’t wait to see it for myself!

Disney Parks Blog tells us about a new Steakhouse 55 menu!

Disneyland Distributing Tickets for Candy Canes on November 26, 2010

Disneyland Candy Canes: Image (c) Disney

It’s Disneyland Candy Cane time again!

Once again this year, tickets will be distributed for the very popular homemade treats from Disneyland’s Candy Palace. Our Disneyland guru, Heather Sievers, just reported from Disneyland that the tickets will be distributed on November 26th at the Candy Palace right at park opening! Of course — this is always subject to change…

Last year, the canes retailed for $9.95. To find out when the canes will be made, call the Candy Kitchen menu line: 714-781-0112.

Disney Food Post Round-Up: December 20, 2009

Eat hereThe next to the last Disney Food Post Round-Up of the year starts….NOW! Lots of news coming to light this week, including the Cantina de San Angel refurb coming up in January. Here we go…

Don’t forget about the Exclusive New Year’s Eve Parties at the Magic Kingdom — info courtesy of the Disney Parks Blog.

MousePlanet posts the menu for the new Surf’s Up Disneyland breakfast and an extra date for Candy Canes at the Candy Palace!

The Save Pleasure Island Blog has some speculative updates on the new Pleasure Island restaurants. There’s an addendum here.

Studios Central shares a story from Jennifer of Broke Hoedown and Those Darn Cats about experiencing great Disney service at Le Cellier. There are also moose boxer shorts involved, so do head over for a fun read.

Scott Joseph’s Orlando Restaurant Guide has an exclusive recipe for Braised Beef Short Ribs from the 2009 Epcot Food & Wine Festival.

WDW Radio Show has a podcast piece on the Turf Club at Saratoga Springs.

The Disney Parks Blog also has a cool holiday video on how to make a Yule Log. Another post mentions a new pastry chef at the Contemporary Resort.

One of my favorite The Disney Chick posts ever: Twinkie Tiramisu at Pop Century Resort.

Thanks for reading and have a great holiday week! Don’t forget to vote on the Disney World Bakery Throw Down if you haven’t already! We’ll be highlighting each of the five bakeries in the throw down over the next month. The first was Main Street Bakery this week.

Disney Food Post Round-Up, December 6, 2009

Eat hereThe holiday season at Disney Parks is upon us, and that means we get some deee-licious photos coming our way of the holiday treats available! Thanks again to Erin Foster for the fantastic chocolate Mickey waffle and holiday Dole Whip photos! And be sure to check out the info about the candy canes in Disneyland — you need a ticket to get one this year!

In other Disney food news, read up about the latest Disney holiday treats special on the Food Network, a great merch discount you can get just for eating counter service in Disney World, and the newest Tables in Wonderland holiday dinner event (ressies are first come, first served!).

**Stay tuned to the Disney Food Blog next week for a photo blog of the famous Gingerbread displays in the resort hotels of Disney World (I can’t wait), along with some great info about how those displays are made!**

Here we go to this week’s Disney Food Post Weekly Round-Up!

Speaking of candy canes, Dis Unplugged has an awesome post with pics of Guy Fieri at Disneyland — making the holiday special I just watched last night!

Heather McPherson at the Orlando Sentinel shows us how Disney bakers make holiday cookies at Disney World.

George at Imaginerding.com sent along a cool post about re-creating recipes from literature — including Alice in Wonderland’s “eat me” cookies! This one’s from a couple of weeks ago, but it’s a really fun read if you’re a bookworm like me.

Scott Joseph’s Orlando Restaurant Guide shares the bad news that the Bocuse d’Or US Finals will be leaving Disney World and heading to New York City.

Disney Geek Dad has posted his take on Disney dining. Take a look and leave a comment with your thoughts.

Cooking With Mickey makes Bread Pudding from 1900 Park Fare via video!

DisneyFotoBlog has some stunning shots of Disney World gingerbread houses

Watch Me Eat reviews the Celebration Tavern in Celebration, FL, but we’ve also got to share his Christmas 2008 post from Celebration while we’re here!

MousePlanet has the third and final Best of WDW 2009 post, including some great WDW dining polls. We’ll be doing polls throughout the year, and I can’t wait to see if the percentages match!

Speaking of polls, be sure to cast your vote in our first poll, Best WDW Steakhouse, in the right-hand sidebar of this blog! Thanks for reading!

Disneyland’s Homemade Candy Canes — Reserve Ticket Required!

FOR 2010: 2010 Disneyland Candy Cane Reserve Ticket Dates Here.

Disneyland’s homemade candy canes are a Christmas tradition… so much so that you now have to get a reserve ticket to buy one! This holiday delicacy is returning to Disneyland’s Candy Palace this Friday.

According to the OC Register:

This year, the Candy Palace on Disneyland’s Main Street is issuing tickets so park guests can reserve candy canes ahead of time, avoiding the massive lines that mark candy cane day at the Palace every Christmas.

Disneyland-goers can find out when candy canes are being made by calling a special phone number, updated each Sunday with information about what kind of candy is being made each day that week. The Candy Kitchen Menu line is 714-781-0112.

Check out this article for more information about Disneyland’s Candy Canes, including how they’re made, why they limit the number sold, and more!

Also, set your DVR for Saturday night, when you can see the Food Network’s Guy Fieri highlight the candy cane-making along with other Disneyland holiday treats on Guy’s Disney Holiday!