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  1. Ugh! Pineapple-lime swirl? If I wanted disgusting pineapple, I’d just order pineapple. Can I make them give me just the lime? Heck, I’d even just take the glass (and the white chocolate medallion). I’m trying to complete my collection of one from each festival.

  2. I’m excited to give this a try when we go in June – vegetarian so the menu really suits too…love it

  3. For Brent (above): there was a similar prize item in the past that had some kind of strawberry dessert in the same little cup. We completed the Graze but didn’t want the edible part of the prize, and asked for just the cup as a souvenir. Oddly, the folks at the booth had to ask permission from the manager to do that, but we did get the cup by itself.

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