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  1. Has it been announced yet whether you can return to the first park? If you start at MK and head to Epcot after 2pm, could you return to MK after Epcot? Seems like you should be able to since you’re counted into the crowd at MK but I haven’t seen any official word on it.

  2. Tons and Tons of great information. Thank you, not sure when we’ll have the opportunity to go back to WDW, but it’s fun just reading about it.

  3. It was always exciting to receive our Magic Bands before leaving on a Disney trip, SAD to see more Magic Disappear !!!

  4. I’m so happy that the Fit2run store is coming back! I was sad when it left Disney Springs!

  5. Amanda, we were told that you would NOT be guaranteed to be able to return as other guests could hop to MK (in your example) and offset you leaving. Of course, we haven’t seen this process in action, so we can’t be 100% sure until it’s put into practice. We will update as we learn and experience more.

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