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  1. HOORAY, and it’s about time for the return of the parking lot trams!! The walk at the end of a long park day back to one’s car has been awful. And some park’s lots are worse than others. MK’s is the absolute worse and Hollywood Studios seems like the easiest to negotiate back and forth from. In fact, when I go to EPCOT (2nd worst walk, in my opinion) I usually park at Studios and take the Skyliner to EPCOT’s international gateway entrance.

  2. I wonder how much they will charge us to ride it once it returns?
    They’ll probably add it to a new app called TRAMS+
    There will be a paid version and a free version.
    The free version lets you see where it’s at.
    The paid version lets you get on. But it will cost extra for the return trip to your car.

  3. Of all the Nickel and Dimming go on, this is one of the worst. There is no reason the trams should have been out of service for so long now. I realize Social Distancing was part of the reason for a while, but they still could have had them running even with Social Distancing ever since the parks re-opened. But they choose not to just to save a buck or two out of greed. Knowing Bob Chapek andJosh D’Amaro they’ll probably try to charge guest to ride the tram and charge even more if you want to skip the lines for the trams.

  4. Rob,
    With the way they run the que lines now, ie: “Fill in all the available space.” I don’t thinks that’s even an issue anymore.
    The only reason they still make guest wear masks is for the optics of making them look like they are still doing something.

  5. Get ready, $$$
    Coming back at a cost $$$$
    The new executive team only gives back at additional cost.$$$$$

  6. Brandon: Thanks, that is my point. They should have had the trams up and running a longe time ago.

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