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  1. Can’t you just order most of the to-go meals through Mobile Food Orders? I don’t think they will refuse to give it to you when you go to pick it up.

  2. RickTR, if you are ordering at a QS, no one is going to follow you to the table to make sure a kid is eating the meal. TS places may or may not be willing to let you order a kids meal. I did have success ordering an adult portion of mac and cheese for myself at our resort food court when it was only listed on the kids menu, so it doesn’t hurt to ask if you want a larger or smaller portion or meal.

  3. We took our granddaughters to the Be Our Guest. They happily gave our 10 year old a kid’s meal, and charged us the Adult price. No biggie for us. We just wanted her to eat what she liked. (I was concerned my 32 year old Asbergers son would not eat the adult meal, but they had rolls so he was okay. They were SUPER nice.

  4. A nice thing about the Be Our Guest restaurant is they had chicken nuggets and French fries along with their listed menu items. So helpful.

  5. I’ve never had a problem ordering from the kid’s menu for my wife for counter service meals. No one has ever asked, and as someone mentioned previously, with most of these types of venues going to mobile I doubt it will ever be an issue.

  6. So we went to Be Our Guest, and we order our two kids miles and henleigh a chicken nugget kids meal. The had the AUDACITY to charge us adult price, which was ok because we can afford it. But overall the experience was decent, and the cast memebers were somewhat trying to help us.

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