Disney Food for Families: Steal This Idea – The Rice Krispie Treat Vinylmation

Disney Food for Families columnist Erin Foster has a fun project for anyone who’s ever loved rice krispie treats and vinylmation!

Second only to my family’s love of Disney food is our love of Disney Vinylmation. These collectible figurines all start with the same Mickey-shaped base, but are designed by artists to resemble other characters, park elements, cultural touchstones, or random cool designs. My daughters and I have spent many a happy hour in the parks hunting for and trading Vinylmations. Some of our favorite finds have been food-themed Vinyls.

Food themed Vinylmations

We’ve been impressed with the execution of classic Disney-food items in Vinyl: the Mickey bar, the turkey leg, the box of popcorn. One day while speculating about which delicious icon might be Vinylized next, my daughter Josie came up with the idea that Disney should make a Rice Krispie treat themed Vinylmation — a plastic depiction of the [Read more…]