Disney Treats: New Cinnamon-Glazed Almond and Pecan Stand in Epcot

As the holidays at Disney are out in full force, and our good friend Cheryl Perlmutter, one of the informed voices on the Disney Film Project, sent over some photos of one of our favorite additions!

New Nut Stand in Epcot's World Showcase

A new glazed almond and pecan stand has been added to the spot recently vacated by the Food and Wine Festival Belgium booth, right next to Les Chefs de France!

They do have glazed nut stands set up in the Magic Kingdom and elsewhere in Walt Disney World year-round, but I think they’re extra special at the holidays…and I haven’t seen this stand before!

Nut Stand Menu

This booth sells cinnamon-glazed almonds, cinnamon-glazed pecans, beer, and water. It’s pretty straightforward, but as soon as you get a whiff of those glazed almonds we think you’ll be won over! They’re delicious (and think of the added protein to keep you going on a long touring day!!).

Cinnamon Glazed Almonds

PS: My Dad’s in WDW right now sending me holiday updates, so expect some serious gingerbread happenings over the next few days!!