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  1. I definitely feel like I’ve been to Disney 100+ times thanks to DFB! I’ve been quite a few times, but not since 2005. So, its been a minute! When I first started planning, I felt very overwhelmed with all the changes. But after following DFB for the last year or so, I feel very confident that our trip will be amazing and I actually know what I’m doing now.
    Just wanted to say thank you!! You guys do a fantastic job at keeping us all in the Disney loop. It’s very much appreciated!

  2. The #1 thing I’ve learned after 20+ trips is simple: “Go where the crowds ain’t!” No matter where we end up, we have a wonderful time in the Disney magic, with a fraction of the stress we had during our first few park commando gotta-do-everything trips.

  3. We have been 15 times and stay from 10 to 12 days each stay. What I have learned: Sit down restaurant’s are not worth the time you could spend riding rides. That means character meals too. Do the meet amid greets instead. They are better anyway. The dining plan is NOT WORTH IT! Resorts are not where it’s at. They are too big and too expensive. There are lots of condo communities close by that offer game rooms for the kids and all kinds of activities for the whole family all day and night. From crafts to dive in movie nights. And these communities are much cheaper and offer large condos with room to spread out. Yes you will have to pay for parking at the parks, but the bus system stinks and you have to pay to park at the resorts now. We now rent a house with our own pool. It’s so much more relaxing. It’s not worth hauling a ton of stuff into the parks. I take my phone and that’s it, unless we know the weather will turn. The line to check bags is ridiculous and there is no wait if you have nothing. If you have to take extra clothes or rain gear, get a locker. They are worth it. Just a few thoughts! So many more!

  4. Thanks DFB. Really useful info as usual.
    There’s just one thing. You often seem to assume visits to WDW are for about five days. For us from overseas (The UK in my case) our visits are considerably longer. Covid restrictions permitting, my family and I will be taking a 14 day vacation in WDW. Yep, 14 days in a WDW hotel.
    We plan to do EVERYTHING!
    We started planning with the help of DFB two years ago and should’ve visited in 2020. But now booked for August.
    Luckily we haven’t told the kids yet.!
    Thanks DFB, keep the info coming.

  5. Thanks for reaching out, John. So glad DFB has been part of your trip planning. 🙂

  6. We can definitely say that we have been to Disney World 28 times to date with our boys, 29 visits for me and my husband is at 49 visits I think!!! We drive from Canada to Florida and our trips are usually between 12 to 25 days long. We have been to all the theme parks, dined at almost every sit down restaurant and most character dinner restaurants, signature restaurants, including Victoria and Albert’s, Brown Derby, Le Cellier, Tepan Edo, just to name our favorites, and every ride since 2002 to present day except for Rise of the Resistance Ride. (Sad). We have stayed at almost every Deluxe Disney Resort, also stayed at some of the partner resorts on property but prefer Disney resorts. We have been on every mode of transportation that Disney has to offer, including boats, big and small, trams, momorails, busses, coaches, rental Segway, rental golf carts, Minnie Van, taxis, rental speed boats, trains, trolleys, rental vehicles, but never on the Skyline. No plans of riding it either. As for rides, shows, big and small, popular vs. Less popular, we have done it all. And yes, we have been to Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail so many times, as it was our boys favorite place to be with the animals, insects and creatures, and we spent half a day there each visit. We remember Dad placing his big hand on the gorilla handprint and today our boys still want to go there as teens! So many fond memories there too.Living with the Land boat ride is one of our family’s favorite relaxing, refreshing, educational, and food inspiring rides to date. My late Mom LOVED that boat ride so much she wanted to do it twice,( she was an avid gardener herself). When we ride it, we always remember her and her delight at the awesome looking vegetation, fruits and plants!And we agree that enjoying the resorts, the pools, the special events, special foods snacks and the special merchandise are unique to a specific resort are well worth exploring…its not always about doing everything or following the crowds or doing only the most popular things…we do whats important to each of us, we plan well ahead, we reserve spots where we can, and we always have a Plan A and a Plan B to avoid disappointment. And to date we have never been disappointed, because we try to do different things with each visit. I guess this is more addressed towards those who have visited multiple times but even for first timers and for those who can only visit once, take it easy, but have a plan, a backup plan and discuss it with your party or at least have an idea of their likes, dislikes and their limitations, if any, and plan according to your time there, yours and their budgets, and any restrictions or limitations you may have. And accept that you will never see all 4 parks, water parks, experience every show, every ride, and dine everywhere all in one trip, unless, as DFB states, ‘unless you are there for over a month”. And sorry, with all due respect, in our opinion, even in a month, you cannot possibly do it all…no way!!! Disney World is evolving, ever changing, revolutionary and never static, it is fluid, diverse and it changes and adapts with the times, with its audience, and with economic and political situations. And its parks, themes and everything in them changes with these important factors. Disney World is “The happiest place on Earth” because it was created as a place to submerge oneself into this fantasy world and to put reality on hold while you are there. For many of us, including me and my family, reality never takes a vacation, but we just try to make the best of any situation while we are at Disney and we deal with things as they happen. As parents we try to give our boys a sense of fun, fantasy, imagination, creativity and exploration through Disney movies, merchandise, art, rides, characters, architecture, cultures, shows, events, drama and travel to broaden their horizons and to strengthen their belief to reach higher and to aspire to be happy and successful in life. We also hope tgat one day when our boys have their own families that they too will be crazy enough to take them all to Disney World over and over again and to reminisce when they first went there as babies and to create fond memories with them as we created with our special boys throughout the years.

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