Review: NEW Minnie’s Holiday Dine at Hollywood & Vine in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

It’s time to Eat, Drink, and BE MERRY at Hollywood & Vine for MINNIE’S HOLIDAY DINE!

This past weekend delivered the debut Minnie’s Seasonal Dine Character Meals in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. From now through January 3, 2016, dinner at Hollywood & Vine is a holiday meal, offerings guests the very unique opportunity to celebrate the season with a few of our favorite Disney pals!

Once the holidays wrap up, dinner parties with Minnie Mouse and friends will continue; however, the theme will change with the seasons! Starting January 4, 2016, Minnie and the gang will host a celebration of Hollywood and the movies. Spring, summer, and even Halloween will have themed celebrations of their own; and decor, music, and even certain menu items will change along with the party theme.

This isn’t the first time Hollywood & Vine has changed things up from its typical non-character buffet dinner (breakfast and lunch, it should be noted, will continue to feature Disney Junior pals at Play ‘n Dine). Hollywood & Vine has played host to themed, seasonal character dinners in the past with Jedi Mickey’s Star Wars Dine, held in conjunction with Star Wars Weekends for the past two years.

Hollywood and Vine

Hollywood and Vine

But the only Force involved in Minnie’s Holiday Dine is a whole lotta of HOLIDAY SPIRIT… [Read more…]

News! Minnie’s Seasonal Dine Coming to Hollywood & Vine for Year-Round Celebrations

If you can’t make it to the limited-run character meal that is Minnie’s Holiday Dine coming to Hollywood & Vine Restaurant starting in just a few weeks, fret not…

Because our favorite gal Minnie Mouse will be hosting dinner parties ALL YEAR LONG! That’s right… Minnie’s Seasonal Dine will be offered throughout the year at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: the text below has been updated, as Disney has since released the various seasons and themes that will be celebrated at Minnie’s Seasonal Dine.]

So, what happens after the holiday season? Well, that depends on the time of year… from spring to summer to Halloween and more, Minnie and some of her best Disney pals will be celebrating events and seasons throughout the year. Each season will offer changes in decor, music, menu items, “interactive musical moments,” and new costumes, adding to the festive fun!

First up? A celebration of the movies and all the glitz and glitter of Hollywood will take place from January 4th through March 20th! And it looks like Minnie is already adding to her considerable wardrobe for the next occasion…



Currently, interested guests are able to book through March 20, 2016 only. Minnie’s Seasonal Dine will change throughout the year as follows: [Read more…]

Disney Food For Families: 11 Tips for Better Disney Character Dining

Disney Food for Families columnist Erin Foster has some great character meal tips for your fam!

Goofy Poses at Chef Mickey's

I spent a recent weekend reminiscing over old photos, many of which featured family trips to the Disney Parks. While flipping through the albums, one of my girls commented that the photos were, to put it mildly, character meal intensive. So we started counting, going back to my oldest daughter’s first trip to Walt Disney World in May of 1998.

I have photographic evidence of having been to character meals with my family at least 93 times since then. These meals took place at Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, and most predominantly at Walt Disney World, including each of the character meals currently available there, plus the now defunct meals at the Magic Kingdom’s Liberty Tree Tavern, Animal Kingdom’s Restaurantosaurus and what is now Fulton’s Crab House at Downtown Disney.

Our single highest visit count is at the Magic Kingdom’s Crystal Palace, with 17 separate visits.

Liberty Tree Tavern character meal. Gone but not forgotten.

After all that eating, and eating, and eating, aaaand eating, we’ve picked up a few tips and tricks along the way that may make your character meal experience even better than it otherwise might be:

1. Decide Why You’re There and Plan Accordingly
While the obvious answer to, “Why are you going to a character meal?” may be, “to eat.” In reality there are a number of reasons why you might find yourself communing with Mickey and a heaping plate of breakfast lasagna. These may include: [Read more…]