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  1. I have Been going on daily for a 60 day advance for chef Mickey. I can get 9pm at night sometimes and that’s it. Same was happening when I was going in October.
    So far bummed out for 6 days straight it’s so frustrating 🤬😭

  2. What if your not staying on property and have to wait till 30 days before? You totally forgot to mention this?

  3. Sure, parties of 2 are easy to squeeze into a restaurant’s reservation schedule. Try a party of 6 or 7 next time. Our party of 7 just got back from 5 days in WDW and we could only get 2 reservations for the entire trip… and that’s with the 5:45am 60 days out ADR.

  4. What about Dining Reservations at Disney Springs when you arrive and the Ramp is Closed and all lots are “FULL” ?? This has happened numerious times and different times of the day from Lunch to Dinner ?? System needs a Major Overhaul …….

  5. Charmaine, one of our teammates tells me that if you go to Disney Springs’ surface parking lot, you can show your Advance Dining Reservation there and be let in. Keep in mind, this policy could change without warning, but that’s been our experience.

  6. Joe, presently all guests can make Advance Dining Reservations starting at 60 days out. The advantage for on-site guests is that they can make ADRs for their entire stay on the 60-day mark while off-site guests have to do it day by day.

  7. I was able to snag a reservation at O’Hannas because of your warnings about how difficult they were to get. We are going in February and staying at the Polynesian. I set my alarm to get up in the middle of the night (we are on the West Coast). I was prepared to make all three dining reservations for our stay. I logged in as soon as I was allowed and made O’Hannas first. I was able to get one for three on a Saturday night. I made my other two reservations and when I checked O’Hannas out before signing off, there were no more reservations. They go super fast. Thank you for all the warnings!

  8. I’m looking at restaurants to dine in, but I’m looking for outdoor seating, is there any you recommend

  9. I used to go to Disney World once or twice a month but I stopped going because I couldn’t get reservations at my favorite restaurants. They are snapped up the moment they become available. Disney should charge a nonrefundable fee for reservations that is deducted from the food bill; that would put a stop to the “pros” hogging all the good reservations. They are losing millions.

  10. I agree with Phillip. We have been trying to book reservations for March 14th to the 18th and nothing for party of 8. We did find one if we split up our party as two reservations for 4 with close times. This is also 60 days out and trying to get them in the morning. We’ve never had this issue before. They are definitely limiting reservations or at least making if difficult for larger parties.

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