Ten Best Frozen Drinks in Disney World

It’s getting hot out there, guys!

And sometimes, when it feels like it’s 100 degrees and you’re sweltering in line, you need more than a cold drink. You need a frozen drink!

Fortunately, there are lots of palate-pleasing options found in all corners of Disney World. And we’ve got great options whether you’d like to go alocholic or non-alcoholic! Refreshment is just a menu choice away…

Today, we’re taking a closer look at our very favorites!

Frozen Lemonade

Sweet-tart and chilly, Frozen Lemonade calls to mind seaside treats from our favorite resort towns. And there’s nothing like it for reviving you on a super hot, sticky Florida day.

The secret is in the balance. A too-sweet treat can leave you feeling not so great while you’re standing in the bright sun. That little kick of sour rounds out the flavors and makes the beverage a true refresher.

Raspberry Lemonade Slush at Magic Kingdom

If you’re a lover of frozen lemonade, I have great news for you: there are tons of different varieties to try around the parks and resorts! You could make your own personal frozen lemonade crawl. (Hey! That’s a great idea…)

One of our favorites is the Raspberry Lemonade Slush that you find at Magic Kingdom’s Cheshire Cafe, located on the outskirts of Fantasyland. You can find a similar drink across the castle hub at Sunshine Tree Terrace in Adventureland. And if you’re looking for frozen lemonade in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, you can find an awesome, slurpee-type version at Herbie’s Drive-In.

If you prefer your frozen lemonade with a little kick, one of our favorite adult versions is available at Animal Kingdom’s Dino Diner Snacks. The Frozen Bacardi Raspberry Rum Lemonade has been inspiring random cravings for me ever since I tried it. :-)

Frozen Bacardi Raspberry Rum Lemonade at Animal Kingdom's Dino Diner

Check out other locations to score frozen lemonade slushes when you’re parched in the parks.

Dole Whip Float

Part beverage, part Dole Whip soft serve, this is one of Disney’s classic must-eat treats! The Dole Whip Float combines sweet-tart soft serve pineapple goodness with pineapple juice to provide one of the most refreshing icy drinks in the Kingdom.

Breakfast of Champions!

You CAN get this with vanilla or orange dole whip as well — either choice will cut the tartness a bit. But I prefer pineapple-on-pineapple, myself! Find this great treat at Aloha Isle in Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland.

Ice Cream Martinis

Looking for a new entry on your Drinking Around the World card? THE newest frozen drink concoction in Disney World can be found — where else? — World Showcase!

Head to Epcot’s newest eatery, L’Artisan des Glaces in the France Pavilion for the beautiful and crave-inspiring Ice Cream Martini.

Ice Cream Martini from L'Artisan des Glaces in Epcot's France Pavilion

The drink-sundae fusion is made by combining two scoops of Housemade Ice Cream or Sorbet with a shot of Grand Marnier, Rum, or Whipped Cream-Flavored Vodka. It’s the perfect grown up ice cream indulgence!

Grey Goose and Grand Marnier Slushes

Another classic indulgence in the quest for frozen drink goodness ALSO comes to you courtesy of the France Pavilion in Epcot. This list would not be complete without a stop at the Vins de France kiosk for a Grown Up Slush, featuring premium French liquors.

You can choose from a tart lemon Grey Goose Slush, or take it one step sweeter with an orange Grand Marnier Slush.

Grand Marnier and Grey Goose Slushes in Epcot's France Pavilion

With a slushie consistency that will melt fast if you let it, this is the perfect way to cool off as you make your trip through the countries of World Showcase.

And since Epcot is Festival Central, there are also usually some fun Special Event Slushes during events too! If you happen to be in the World during the Epcot Food and Wine Festival in the fall or the Flower and Garden Festival in the spring, you may just happen upon some other delicious, limited-time options!

Due back at the 2013 Epcot Food and Wine Festival is the Eiffel Sour Cosmo Slush. It features Grey Goose Vodka, Grand Marnier Liqueur, and Cranberry Juice in a bright red concoction that is sure to grab attention as you stroll and sip.

Eiffel Sour Slush at Epcot's International Food and Wine Festival

Not to be outdone, the L’Orangerie Booth at Epcot’s 2013 International Flower and Garden Festival featured a gorgeous La Vie en Rose Slush made with Grey Goose and St. Germain liqueur, combined with White and Red Cranberry Juices.

La Vie en Rose Frozen Slush at Epcot

Whatever is available, you can be sure that there are some memorable options to add to the frozen drink list as you pass by the Eiffel Tower!


You can’t talk frozen drinks without discussing the original that started it all — Milkshakes!

While strolling around the park with a milkshake might not immediately leap to mind, there are some really delicious options for the creamy drink throughout the resort.

For milkshake lovers who can’t have just one, there’s no better place to be than Whispering Canyon Cafe at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. Many things make this an awesome stop for breakfast, lunch or dinner, but one of the most delicious reasons to go there is their Bottomless Milkshake.

Bottomless Milkshake at Whispering Canyon Cafe

Yep, you read that right! Order your choice of Vanilla, Chocolate, or Strawberry, and your jelly jar glass will be replenished throughout your entire meal — which means you don’t have to save room for dessert!

Many guests also clamor for the milkshakes at 50s Prime Time Cafe in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. And the favorite here, hands down, is the PB&J Milkshake.

PB and J Milkshake at 50s Prime Time

And if you really love that PB&J Milkshake, you can make it at home with our delicious recipe! And here’s a TIP: If you’re in the parks and don’t have time for an advance dining reservation, you can get it take-away from the Tune In Lounge!

If PB&J Shakes are a theme you’d like to expand on, there’s another fantastic version at The Fountain. Located a stone’s throw from both Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios at the Swan and Dolphin Resort, this fun soda shop offers up a host of comfort food favorites. But the real reason to visit is the incredible dessert menu.

While my favorite is the Apple Pie Sundae, be sure to check out the gorgeous PB&J Milkshake here, too.

PB and J Milkshake at The Fountain

With lots of peanut butter flavor and ribbons of strawberry sauce, it’s a winner!

Another favorite fun spot for a frozen refresher is Beaches and Cream Soda Shop at Disney’s Beach Club Resort. While we normally head here for my favorite sundae — the uber fabulous No Way Jose — they also have some great shakes and malts. And one fun variation on the shake theme is the Frozen Sunshine.

Frozen Sunshine at Beaches and Cream

A cross between an ice cream soda and a milkshake, this slightly lighter option will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to hit the slide at Stormalong Bay!

Wheezy’s Breezy Freezy

When you want a frozen drink that’s as fun to say as it is to drink, head to Disney’s Hollywood Studios for a Wheezy’s Breezy Freezy.

You’ll find these chilly coolers at Hey Howdy Hey Takeaway (love LOVE that name!) in Pixar Place.

Wheezy's Breezy Freezy in Wild Cherry

The little kiosk has an assortment of standard Disney snack fare, but the real draw are the fun drinks.

Choose from Watermelon, Coke, Wild Cherry, or Lemonade (flavors may vary on your visit), and enjoy slurping away as you wait in line for your turn at Toy Story Mania!

Goofy’s Glaciers

For frozen drinks with lots of variety (you can even mix them!) you should try out Goofy’s Glaciers.

Head to Big Top Treats in Magic Kingdom’s New Fantasyland, or Goofy’s Candy Company in Downtown Disney for these brightly-colored beverages.

Goofy's Glacier Combo at Big Top Treats

Less icee and more slushie, they’re more liquidy than some slushes, which means you have a better drink to ice ratio…a very important detail. ;-)

And there’s no end to the fun flavors you’ll find! Goofy’s Glacier Apple, Pucker Purple, Rootin’ Tootin’ Red, Orange You Happy Orange, and my favorite, Gawrshly Berry Blue, mean you’ll be smiling as you order and when you drink!

Yak Attack

Time to take a look at another deelicious drink just for the grown ups.

One of my absolute favorite spots in all of Disney World is Asia in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Maybe it’s the lush landscape, or the fact that Florida’s humidity really could make you think you’re in an exotic locale. :-) But when I’m thirsty and ready to indulge in something extra delicious, I head to Anandapur Local Food Cafes, Yak and Yeti’s counter service spot.

Quality Beverages

There, around the corner from the main ordering area, you’ll find a quiet little drink counter, featuring some amazing “Quality Beverages.” True enough! And my favorite is the Yak Attack.

Yak Attack from Anandapur Local Food Cafes in Disney's Animal Kingdom

Slightly odd name notwithstanding…this is pure amazing. Mango Puree, Light Rum, and a contrast of Wildberry work together to form a sweet and sour drink that I can’t resist. And it’s got more of a punch than you realize — until you stand up!

You can also find this awesome frozen drink at Yak and Yeti Restaurant.

LeFou’s Brew

One cool new frozen drink to savor in Magic Kingdom is LeFou’s Brew at Gaston’s Tavern.

Gaston's Tavern -- Magic Kingdom's New Fantasyland

This beautiful drink — really, check out that picture! — is the almost-dry park’s answer to “brew”.

LeFou's Brew from Gaston's Tavern in Magic Kingdom's New Fantasyland

Made from No-Sugar-Added Frozen Apple Juice with just a hint of Marshmallow Syrup, and topped with a Mango-Passionfruit Foam, guests either love it or hate it.

Many liken it to a liquid version of a caramel apple. And don’t fear: if you’re looking for LeFou’s Brew in Disneyland, head over to Disney California Adventure and order a Red’s Apple Freeze at the Cozy Cone Motel. It’s the exact same drink with a different theme!

Frozen Margaritas

When your tastes run to frozen drinks made with a helping of tequila, there are lots of great options for you. But when I’m in Epcot and I’m craving a margarita, I head to the Mexico Pavilion in Epcot’s World Showcase.

Mexico Pavilion

There, you’ll find the awesome frozen margaritas at La Cava del Tequila — one of our favorite Disney watering holes. Choose from a variety of flavors and drink them at La Cava — or get one to go.

Avocado Margarita in Epcot's Mexico

Also in Mexico you’ll find the ubiquitous Frozen Margarita at the Mexico Pavilion Margarita Stand. This is your typical mix that packs a punch!

Strawberry Frozen Margarita from Mexico's Margarita Stand

These aren’t gourmet by any stretch; but they are fruity and sweet, and strong! If you’re looking for a drink that you’ll feel as well as taste, this one’s a safe bet. And with options like Lime, Strawberry, and Mango (and usually some other interesting choices), you’re sure to find a variety you like.

But for a fun twist on a frozen margarita, check out one of my favorites at Disney, the Mangled Margarita. A swirled mix of Frozen Margarita and Frozen Sangria, this is a completely unique drink, and it’s great for sipping while sitting waterside at Downtown Disney.

Mangled Margarita at Paradiso 37

You’ll find this gorgeous drink at Paradiso 37, along with some of the best tapas and appetizers (Crazy Corn!) to go with it. With its Latin American-inspired menu, it’s one of my favorite places to grab drinks and apps in all of the resort.

Another must-try frozen margarita is the Triple Yeti Blast in Disney World’s Animal Kingdom. This one combines three great flavors — strawberry, lime, and mango — to form a triple threat!

Triple Yeti Blast

You’ll find this sweet-tart option at Upcountry Beverages, a tiny kiosk tucked into the brush between Asia and Africa in the Animal Kingdom. This spot also features the non-alcoholic-but-awesome Shangri La Berry Freeze!

What Are YOUR Favorite Icy Drinks in Disney World?

That about does it for our very favorite frozen drinks! Whew — brain freeze! :-) These coolers are the perfect way to beat the heat on a steamy Disney day! But I can’t wait to hear what you’ve found on your travels!

Now it’s your turn: tell us in the comments below what your not-to-be-missed frozen Disney drinks are!


  1. Logan says

    Dude! If you haven’t had “Marsha’s Martian” at the Sci-Fi Dine In Theater, you have not yet lived! Description: chocolate and vanilla shakes mixed with Bailey’s Irish Cream and Kahlua.

    That counts, right? :)

  2. Rune says

    We love the raspberry / strawberry frozen lemonades around MK, and that PB&J shake at the Swan is delicious too.

    I wasn’t that enthused about the ice cream martinis in France until I saw that photograph of yours, now it’s a top-of-my-list priority for 10 weeks time! Looking forward to trying some of the others over at Epcot too, and so is my daughter who is now 21. Looks like some of them pack a punch though so we’ll be sure to eat first. =)

    Very intrigued by the Yak Attack too.

    I need to make me a new list.

  3. Novi says

    I personally couldn’t imagine going to AK without having a frozen chai tea at Anandapur. If only they allowed real straws…

  4. Lo says

    Thanks for this updated frozen article! Cannot wait to try them!

    The mangled margarita might be unique at WDW, but there is a chain of restaurants, Uncle Julio’s (under different names in different states) has always had their Swirl margarita, that is the same concept. Very tasty, but UJ’s had become very expensive!

  5. Alan says

    Oh to be sitting in the St Germain area of Paris, sitting at a little cafe, listening to some one play La Vie En Rose on an accordion while sipping a Vie En Rose Cocktail made with St Germain liquor … heaven. This would be one of the few times WDW would come in second.

  6. Rick says

    Ooh that Raspberry Lemonade looks amazing. As does the Eiffel Sour Slush. And of course, the Dole Whip Float. Ah, I can’t wait to return. Only 77 more days!!!

  7. Katie says

    Logan– Marsha’s Martian is one if my favorites! Definitely a hidden gem!

    I’m going to try a Dole whip float this trip. I don’t know why I haven’t in the past but it will definitely help to beat the August heat.

    I also want to try an ice cream martini from Les Glaces, but I don’t know how I will decide what combo of flavors to try!

  8. Georgeanne says

    Lots of great things on this list, and if you drop by the Fountain for a shake, they have a great BLT. That being said, no trip to WDW is complete for my hubby and I without at least one Grand Marnier slush!

  9. says

    Here’s a vote for the Pina Colava, a specialty frozen drink that’s available at a bunch of Disney lounges (we’ve enjoyed them at the Port Orleans Riverside pool bar). It’s a big old Pina Colada with a swirl of raspberry goo, and it’s delightful.

  10. Amy says

    You already named my favorite–the Dole Whip float. Got one of these by mistake last trip instead of the standard Dole Whip (our designated line stander’s/orderer’s mistake, not a Cast Member’s) and it turned out to be a very lucky mistake! Yum.

  11. Tricia says

    Some of these are so added to my September snacks list. I agree that Kaki Gori is missing, but how do you drink it ?

  12. Katherine F. says

    Oh man, don’t forget the frozen chai at the tea stand in Animal Kingdom. That thing is DEE-LISH.

  13. says

    Oh, good call, Katherine! We never visit AK without ordering a frozen chai there. Now that the same company (Joffrey’s) is in charge of coffee throughout the parks, I’m hoping that finds its way onto a couple more menus.

  14. Aaron Newton says

    Read all the way through it and thought, “yeah, sounds about right!”

    Then I realized the American Dream wasn’t present. LIST INCOMPLETE! hahah

  15. Wendy Snelgrove says

    I ordered the frozen sunshine once at Beaches and Cream when I was far too full to have a No Way Jose but still wanted dessert. It was really wonderful. Try it.

  16. Melissa says

    My favorite frozen drink is the F&WF very delicious Dragonberry Colada. My sister always raved about it and last year, once I’d sampled, I knew that every night was Dragonberry Colada night.

  17. Sandra says

    Ice cream and booze pretty much are a no-starter for us; my husband in particular likes his martinis to look like martinis and not a baby shower drink. But the Yak Attack is a whole different story. Fruity, boozy and refreshing, it is the perfect afternoon break beverage. He’s already talking about getting one in December. Now if only the food weren’t so crappy at the CS; only the egg rolls have been worth eating (and that’s after three separate visits).

  18. Essie says

    I LOVE frozen Cokes!!!!! I’ve also had and really liked Strawberry Margaritas. That said, I’d sure like to try a PB&J (with grape only) and that Marsha’s Martian that Logan mentioned sounds wonderful, too!

  19. says

    Logan — Definitely! A grown up milkshake is always a great choice! I’ve never had the Space Monkey, though! Will have to get that on my list.

    Rune — I’m always making a new list! :-) What a surreal event to be Drinking Around the World with your now-old-enough daughter, but I know you’ll have a blast! Can’t wait to hear how it goes.

    Novi — That’s right! One of my favorite stops!

    Lo — You’re welcome! Hope we’ve given you some fun new options!

    Alan — I concur! That sounds pretty heavenly… You guys know how to live the life!

    Rick — You should definitely try one of each! The Eiffel Sour Slush is normally only available during Epcot Food and Wine Festival though — at least, it’s been part of the France Booth Menu for the last several years. But you never know! Recently, we’ve spied the La Vie En Rose Slush in the France Pavilion, even though it was a special for the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival. So you might luck out!

    Katie — Definitely try that Dole Whip Float — it’s one of my favorites! And I know what you mean about that Ice Cream Martini combos — they’re endless!

    Georgeanne — Agreed!

    JeffK — LOVE the Pina Colava!

    Amy — Serendipity! It’s great when a mistake turns out so well. :-)

    Diane and Tricia — Kaki Gori is a favorite here, too! It definitely makes the list of top frozen treats!

    Katherine — Ooh, great one! So good!

    Aaron — I know, right? There are so many awesome options! The American Dream at Epcot’s Fife and Drum is not to be missed! Another one that we didn’t include is the LIberty Swirl Slush over in the Magic Kingdom. So many frozen drinks, so little time… ;-)

    Wendy — The frozen sunshine totally rocks! I’m not sure I’d trade in my No Way Jose for it, though… Hmm.. Decisions decisions.

    Melissa — Ha ha! “Every night is a Dragonberry Colada night” — I love it! I’m hoping the Dragonberry Colada returns for the 2013 Epcot Food and Wine Festival for sure! Have you tried our recipe for it?

    Sandra — Agreed! And thanks for your review of the Yak Attack. We have some more pics of it coming up in a couple of days…

    Essie — Can’t wait to hear what you think of the Sci-Fi drinks!

  20. LoriD says

    Oh yeah, another vote for the Pina Colava here. I can’t wait to have at least one in August! And making a list of several others posted here as well. YUMMY!

  21. Debbie C says

    My all time favorite at EPCOT, especially when it’s hot out, is the frozen Mango Gingerita at the Joy of Tea booth across from China. Nice strong mango and ginger flavors, not overly sweet and YUMMY!!!!!

  22. says

    I have to agree with Melissa above–my favorite is the Dragonberry Colada at F&W festival. I have a rule that I can never order the same thing twice (so I can try new things) but am allowed to break that rule for this drink!

  23. Rebecca says

    My vote goes to the pina colava, although it is followed very closely by the Space Monkey at Sci-fi Diner. I think I have to make myself a new to-do list for WDW! Gotta try that Yak Attack and the frozen chai tea! Thanks or the great info!

  24. Elizabeth says

    LAVA SMOOTHIE at the Polynesian pool bar!

    Had one recently and it is dangerous to know how yummy they are! They are non-alcoholic.

  25. Novi says

    I think this list is a real testament to the variety and quality of Disney. Because there are 10 great options listed, and there are enough delicious drinks being mentioned in the comments that you could make another 10!

  26. Robert says

    Another great article, but don’t forget Auntie Gravitie’s smoothies in MK. there is a list of possible mixes on the back wall that is not posted on the menu. Just look up wich one looks good and order the corresponding number. ” I want a number 7 please”.

  27. Marla says

    I had an amazing frozen concoction at Akershus in Norway. While my girls were meeting the princesses, I was sipping one of the yummiest drinks ever, made with Linie Aquavit, Rum, and frozen mangos and raspberries. I can’t remember the name if the drink but it was touted as being traditional in Norway. It was fantastic! Highly recommend it.

  28. Ashlee says

    My WDW vacation is not complete unless I’ve had a strawberry banana smoothie from Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies. Plain and simple but a must-have for me :)

  29. Nancy says

    No has mentioned the frozen coke at the outpost in EPCOT! We always feel the need to make a stop there when it’s really hot.

  30. Katie Tenorio says

    The Pina Colava at pretty much every where. It is not unique, but it is delicious, with and without alcohol.

  31. Carol says

    Still looking for a recipe for a Lava Flow at the poolside cabana at the Wilderness Lodge!

  32. Drew says

    Right now my favorite frozen drink (alcoholic or not) is Lefous Brew. An odd mix of flavors but absolutely delicious. Looking forward to trying Yak Attack this fall!

  33. Crystal says

    Does anyone know the recipe for Citrus blast that the Caribbean beach resort serves at Disney world?

  34. Lucy says

    The strawberry oolong tea slush at the little snack stand (who’s name escapes me)in Epcot’s China pavilion. Beyond delicious!

  35. Keneka says

    Cherry Kakigori at Epcot’s Japan – can’t make a trip around world showcase without one (or two)

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