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  1. Unfortunately there is just too many yummy food options at Epcot to enjoy in one or two days. Until they bring back the Florida resident annual pass, it does not look like I will ever be able to enjoy them. To pay over $100 plus for a day ticket, plus the cost of food, and the limited time that you have during the day to enjoy the eats, it is just not in the cards. In years past, when I had an annual pass, I would go to Epcot almost weekly during the Flower and Garden and Wine and Food festivals trying several different foods on each day. I am In Great fear that those days are gone and my days of visiting Epcot are now just a memory. Too bad for me…too bad for Epcot/Disney who has lost several hundreds of dollars annually from my dining purse.

  2. I LOVE the food festivals. They CAN be expensive and they can be very FILLING if you’re there alone. I RARELY eat at the restaurants during the food festivals unless I”m staying on property at a hotel. I’m smiling THINKING about the watermelon salad at the Festival Favorites Booth!

  3. Here’s the problem at epcot now, there are no reservations to be had anywhere!! for all the days and months ahead, nothing!!! You might be lucky at the last minute to find an opening or two somewhere but its slim picking with barely nothing to choose from. We couldn’t get anything for the next day until about 7pm the evening before, and those two options that popped up were gone nearly instantly. Epcot has become downright impossible. The park is just sad now anyway, with the junk on the lagoon, the mess in future world, and nearly everything closed in world showcase its like the park is being ran like its going out of business. I get they have less cast without the international workers, but when you have a park full of paying guests with nothing open or available, that’s bad. Even the majority of shops except for a couple of main ones are all shuttered now.

  4. Went to Disney World earlier this year during the flower and garden festival and I can attest that the hanami booth in Japan is fabulous! We ordered the shrimp and crab hanami and I immediately wanted 5 more orders. Epcot is just too delicious!

  5. I am trying to budget how many portions from the festival equal ABOUT a lunch or a dinner. Obviously it will depend on what I order, but for a non vegetarian adult, does three orders equal about a lunch at a restaurant, plus desert and a drink? Four orders for dinner? Or am I way underestimating? Really looking for guidance in ver general terms as compared to a sit down.

  6. Hi, Lost in EPCOT. Team members say you’re right on — about three items for a lunch, four for a dinner, plus drinks/desserts.

  7. We always try and go multiple times to food and wine. A few years ago the mission was to try something at every booth…it took 5 trips. We ate each time until full and left afterwards(we’re local). This year we’ll see…depending on what you get the portions can be deceptively filling.

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