DFB Video: Hidden Secrets of Disney World Explained — Part 2!

It’s almost the weekend! And what better way to celebrate making it through most of the week than with another DFB Video? Today we’re sharing even MORE Disney World Hidden Secrets!

Lady in the Hatbox!

Lady in the Hatbox!

You may have watched our first video where we explained several Hidden Secrets of Walt Disney World (and if you missed it, you can check it out here!).  Well, today we’re taking on even more Disney World hidden gems, from sights to sounds to… smells?! So enjoy another trip around the World with us as we share some more secrets in our latest DFB YouTube Video! (And stay tuned… because there’s plenty more where these came from!) [Read more…]

New Video: Disney World Food Secrets — Free Stuff, Cool Stuff, and MORE — Part 2

Hey Guys! Recently, we shared with you some of our favorite Disney World Food Secrets. And today, we’re back with part two in our latest DFB Video!

Close-up of Peanut Butter Fudge

Peanut Butter Fudge for Dayzzzzzzzz

Disney World is a big place, and there’s a lot to do and see. But what if you’re missing totally cool awesomeness, just because you don’t know about it? [Read more…]

New DFB Video: Star Wars Eats at Backlot Express in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Heya Guys! Have WE got a treat for YOU today! But first off, a little intro is in order. We’d like you to welcome Adam, who makes his debut on our latest DFB Video today!

And this one takes us inside Disney’s Hollywood Studios for a closer look at the food at Backlot Express!

Dark Side Chicken and Waffles

Dark Side Chicken and Waffles

Does it surprise you to know that Backlot Express is one of our favorite spots to eat at DHS? The reasons are pretty simple. First, there’s some incredible themeing. Seriously, if you ever lose me at Studios, chances are good that I’m wandering around in here. [Read more…]

New DFB Video: Secret Menu (??????) at Cove Bar in Disney California Adventure

It’s Friday, and that can mean only ONE thing: Happy Hour!

And for today’s installment of our DFB YouTube Video Series, we’re coming to you from Cove Bar in Disney California Adventure!

Welcome back to Cover Bar!

Welcome back to Cove Bar!

Earlier this week, we started you off with a Mocktail Crawl around Walt Disney World. But today, we’re checking out some of the drinks featured on the Cove Bar’s Secret Menu…which are TOTALLY NOT MOCKTAILS. Just FYI. [Read more…]

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