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  1. We dined in the castle in December. The modified set up means you need to be going for the location and not the characters. Only Cinderella was present and so far away that it felt like no character experience at all. Not worth the money at this time, especially if you have been in the castle before. The food was good though.

  2. Hey there, one correction: Oga’s currently *does* have barstools at the bar, in pairs and distanced. I’ve sat in barstools twice since reopening, including just this past Saturday.

  3. Any word on when Disney will bring back DDP? Since safety measures are in place and successful it seems illogical to not bring it back.

  4. You say in this article that you cannot make Victoria & Albert’s reservations online, but I know for a fact that before the pandemic I occasionally saw them available in the My Disney Experience app.

  5. Jon, I agree! I am willing to pay for it. Also, willing to wait for it as a promotion, but either way I believe it is time to bring it back the Disney Dining Plan. DISNEY, ARE YOU LISTENING???? I do believe you have the audience for the plan and for the promotion. Time to put something in motion!! See you in 240 days, I’M COMING HOME!!!

  6. Our opinion:
    V and A Chef’s Table = one visit SPECTACULAR dining event!! Once in a lifetime. Reservation was on Thanksgiving Day and was a hard get.
    Royal Table pre-Covid = Very nice on both visits- one breakfast and one dinner. Excellent service and great fun. Easy to get.
    Le Cellier both visits for dinner = excellent food but very crowded and loud. Easy to get.
    California Grill dinner: Excellent 5/6 times BUT we discovered Sunday Brunch (pre-covid) no more dinners since = AMAZING!!!
    Be Our Guest (mid-day): three visits. First two great. Third visit terrible – seated in middle and felt like we were in the middle of a feeding frenzy.
    Ohana (dinner) okay but not a necessary return. Glad we did though.
    Ogas: Not necessary to return. SOOOO crowded and could not move.
    Have yet to try: Space 220, Round up BBQ and La Creperie.

    We alwasy have our “to eats” mapped out and call and make ADR the first day possible.
    One of our visits at BOG was a walk-up and waited 10 minutes for a no show.
    All eating experiences are personal based on food prep and service. These are personal reflections.

  7. You missed the hardest to get reservation- Sci Fi diner. With social distancing, the small restaurant to begin with regularly is fully booked 60 days or more out (resort guests can book reservations for the entire stay).

  8. I can skip Oga’s Canteena. I have been several times as I live locally and have an AP. I found the drinks insanely overpriced and, quite honestly, terrible. This is nothing short of a true tourist trap. You go for the atmosphere and get taken by crazy prices for fancy named terrible drinks, and the limited appetizers are even worse. It was a must stop for all my crazed Star War friends when they came in town but now everyone is fine with skipping it. It would honestly be nice to see it boycotted for a while so they are forced (pun intended) revamp prices, menus, and quality.

  9. I’m surprised SciFi Dine In is not on this list or Beaches and Cream. Those two are always the most challenging reservations to get in my experience. Also I really hope they bring back breakfast at Be Our Guest before our vacation this summer.

  10. I have two questions. We had a last minute guest decide to go on our trip with us and we already had reservations at BOG and others. Will restaurants allow for an extra guest ever prior to seating?

    Also, do you think we have a chance booking a table for 7 at some of these popular places, or are we better off splitting the reservation?

  11. Angela, you’ll definitely want to try for the larger party reservations rather than immediately splitting them. You might try contacting Disney directly since you’re a larger group. To answer your first question, if there’s availability to add a person, I think you’d be fine, but this might be hit or miss. You’ll want to try adding a person in My Disney Experience or reaching out to Disney to see if they can add someone.

  12. I sure hope there will be more availability added for the summer. I’ve checked a couple restaurants right at 6AM and EVERYTHING was booked for just two people! Very discouraging..

  13. They all need to have plant-based options! A lot of people no longer eat meat or dairy. I too am looking forward to the dining plan returning.

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