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  1. I agree with so many of your listings for hidden gem restaurants at Disney (there are are some we just haven’t been to yet). One in particular which was amazing was Sanaa. We just went last week and the food was excellent. It was different, well made, extremely delicious and we thought the pricing was certainly fair for the wonderful meal we had. The service was top notch as well and we loved looking out at the wild life strolling around outside the windows. Would highly recommend this one. And if you go, absolutely order the bread service!!

  2. Cosmic Rays? Really? Maybe 10 years or so ago..but not now. It’s back to being as bad as it was many years ago.

  3. I’ve been to most of the restaurants on your list and agree with what was said. I have to disagree with you about Frontera Cocina, though. After my husband begged me for years to go there, we went this year. I have to say it was worse than I expected. The food was nothing special. I’ve been to Mexican and Southwestern restaurants all over the country and this was near the bottom. My husband, who had begged me to go, was disappointed as well. He said he’s never going back.

  4. Tusker House used to be the BEST eatery in the AK until they turned it into an overpriced character buffet. Sunshine Seasons in the Land Pavilion is the best in EPCOT. MK and HS have no good places. Outside Disney Springs on 535 there are better and less expensive restaurant, especially Mexican food.
    We prefer counter service over any DW table service. Found the food fresher, better and big savings. Reason for being fresher is we have to special order our food to be Gluten, Dairy and egg free. Many of the table service locations are run by outside chains that have no clue how to handle allergens properly.
    Plus the only thing you get from spending big money on table service is expensive poop the next day

  5. We were at cosmic rays in late September. Took a long time to get our meals but, I have to tell you, the food was excellent and the staff was very focused on cleanliness. Once we got our food, a surprisingly good experience.

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