Epcot Food and Wine Festival Review: Japan Food and Beverage Pairing

We are ramping up for another fantastic Epcot Food and Wine Festival! Today, we’re reviewing a fun Special Event from the 2013 Epcot Food and Wine Festival.

We are heading over to Tokyo Dining in the Japan Pavilion for the Food and Beverage Pairing experience. The light meals feature beverages paired with tasting-sized portions of the restaurant’s cuisine.

I’ve enjoyed dinner at Tokyo Dining as well as lots of fun meals at Teppan Edo, so I was pretty sure I was in for a treat! While we’d done the Morocco food and beverage pairing event, we’d not yet experienced the Japan version. Here we go!


When I arrived for the Food and Beverage Pairing, I checked in at the stand that serves both Teppan Edo and Tokyo Dining. The cool, sleek waiting area features simple, modern decor and comfortable low lighting.

Waiting Area Serves Both Tokyo Dining and Teppan Edo

This area is also shared by the two restaurants.

Tokyo Dining and Teppan Edo Waiting Area from Another Angle

Step into the Tokyo Dining seating area, and the same modern Japanese vibe is prevalent throughout. A sushi show kitchen takes up space along one wall.

Tokyo Dining Seating and Open Sushi Kitchen

The other side of the restaurant is dominated by [Read more…]

Review: Green Tea Cheesecake at Katsura Grill in Epcot’s Japan Pavilion

We’ve been enjoying snack time at Walt Disney World as we launched our Disney Food Blog Guide to Epcot Snacks e-Book, 2014 Edition earlier this week!

To continue the celebration, let’s check out one of my favorite spots in World Showcase. And while we’re there, we’ll sample a never-featured-here-before snack today!

I think Epcot’s Japan Pavilion boasts some of the loveliest landscaping in Epcot, and a lot of it can be enjoyed from an outdoor seat at Katsura Grill.

Katsura Grill

Katsura Grill

Outdoor seating

Outdoor seating

The greenery, the paper lanterns, and waterfall all contribute to a sense of beauty and peace — even on the busiest of park days — so I’m always looking for reasons to spend more time in this spot.

A view from Katsura Grill

A view from Katsura Grill





One of those reasons, recently, was to try the Green Tea Cheesecake. I adore cheesecake, but have had both good and bad experiences with green tea infused food, so I was curious about what I might discover.

Upon receiving my slice, the first thing my eyes took in was the color. As expected, it’s rather green :), but a very light hue.

Green Tea Cheesecake

Green Tea Cheesecake

Green Tea Cheesecake

Green Tea Cheesecake

The portion size, I must say, seemed [Read more…]

Fun Find: Food Erasers in Epcot’s Japan Pavilion

There is always some other-things-dressed-up-as-food fun going on at Mitsukoshi Department Store!

This expansive retail space, which takes up much of the Japan Pavilion in Epcot’s World Showcase, is a great place for exploration. We love to pop into the store for fun souvenirs like this monorail plate (okay, it might be a bullet train, but we’re going to keep pretending).

Mitsukoshi Department Store

It’s a great place for snacks like Pocky as well. You can also browse other fun finds to satisfy cravings, like Japanese candy, or, you know, dried crabs.

And don’t forget to pick up a beverage — Ramune or sake, depending on your taste!

There is also an incredible array of “cute” in the store — and that carries straight through to the back part of the store where you’ll find all the food stuff. In addition to snacks, tea sets, and tableware, there’s some adorable food-shaped merch, like erasers.

Food Erasers!

Yep! We were exploring with Erin when we found these awesome souvenirs. The erasers were SO detailed, and many of them were packaged in themed sets. I’ve pretty much never had occasion to use an eraser in the past few years, but still… how can you just pass these by?

We found beverage cartons that look like little servings of milk and juice! (Is that corn juice on the left?)

Beverage Carton Erasers

The bakery items are [Read more…]

Disney Recipe: Frushi from Epcot’s International Flower and Garden Festival

Today, we are so excited to bring you one of our DFB readers’ most requested recipes — Frushi! What’s Frushi, you’re asking? Basically, it’s “Fruit Sushi”…minus the fishes!

Frushi from the 2013 Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival

The super fun dessert item was featured this past spring at Epcot’s International Flower and Garden Festival, which featured marketplace booths similar to the Epcot Food and Wine Festival.

Read our complete review of the 2013 Flower and Garden Festival here! There were some amazing eats available at the [Read more…]

Spotted! “Monorail” Kids’ Plates in Epcot’s Japan

Editor’s Note: While Epcot’s Japan pavilion is no longer selling the “monorail” plate, you’ll find them online with a search of “Shinkansen plate”. ;)

I absolutely cannot resist a stroll through Mitsukoshi Department Store in the Japan Pavilion whenever I am in Epcot. I mean, I have to have my Pocky fix, don’t I?! And on my last stroll through the store, something caught my eye that I was SUPER excited to see!

A little background: One reader question that we get over and over again is: Where can we find those cute kids’ plates that they use at Teppan Edo?

Kids' Plates at Teppan Edo -- Spotted!

It seems that guests think the plates look just like the front of the monorail. (Looking more closely, they may be airplanes, but there are no wings, so I’m all for the monorail theory.)

So I was so excited to share these with those of you who have been wondering!

To be honest, the price is [Read more…]

Review: Tokyo Sunset at Japan’s Outdoor Sake Bar in Epcot

Welcome our new DFB researcher, Steven Cline, with a mini-review of the Tokyo Sunset cocktail found in Epcot’s Japan pavilion at the outdoor sake bar!

Disney Food Blog has hinted at the Tokyo Sunset in previous posts about the outdoor sake bar in Japan, and guests could find it at the Japan Booth in the 2011 Epcot Food and Wine Festival.

We found the new drink (new to us anyway) right there at the kiosk across from the entrance to Teppan Edo.

Tokyo Sunshine - click image for larger version

The Tokyo Sunset sells for $8.00 plus tax (according to the sign, but rings up as $7.98 plus .52 cents tax for a total of $8.50).

Tokyo Sunset

It contains Coconut Rum, Peach Schnapps, Banana Liqueur, and [Read more…]

New! Ice Pop Stand in Epcot’s Japan Pavilion

Beat the Disney World summer heat at this kiosk in Epcot’s Japan Pavilion that is now serving Ice Pops…for a song!

Ice Pop Stand

These snacks are a pretty good size, and cost only $1.00 each (UPDATE: We’ve just had a note from a reader that these are now $2.00. Still a good price, but not as good as before…). Bargain! Flavor choices are lemon, melon, orange, grape, and strawberry.

Ice Pops in Freezer

They basically taste like good Popsicles. But the price is great! And the wrapper is a pretty sturdy plastic. It maintains its shape, even after the ice/juice is gone. This makes it a GREAT choice for kids because it [Read more…]

Katsura Grill, Rogue Food & Wine Booths, and More Changes in Epcot’s Japan Pavilion

Andy over at Eating (and Drinking) Around WDW got the inside scoop on a bunch of news coming out of the Japan pavilion in Epcot! Here are the main subjects, but be sure to head over to his site for details!

Katsura Grill and Gardens Replaces Yakitori House

The Yakitori House, now closed for refurbishment, will reemerge as Katsura Grill (menu will stay essentially the same, Andy says), and the beautiful gardens next door will be refurbished as well!

The Yakitori House in Epcot's Japan Pavilion Will See Some Changes

Japan Food & Wine Festival Booth Being Used as a Stand-In Counter-Service Spot

Those of us familiar with the Japan Booth will recognize the structure and sign here! It’s serving a limited menu of [Read more…]

Favorite Ice Cold Snacks at Disney Parks

Recently we polled our Disney Food Blog Facebook Page for their answer to this question: “What are your favorite icy cold snacks and treats in Disney parks?”

Among the many awesome answers, the three chilling treats mentioned the most by our Facebook Friends were Dole Whips, Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bars, and Kaki Gori shaved ice!

Favorite Ice Cold Snacks at the Disney Parks

Dole Whips

UPDATE: Dole Whip is no longer being served at Captain Cook’s, is no longer self-serve, and is no longer available 24 hours a day. You’ll now find Dole Whip at the Pineapple Lanai in Disney’s Polynesian Village in addition to Aloha Isle at the Magic Kingdom. You can also find Dole Whip available intermittently at Animal Kingdom’s Tamu Tamu Refreshments, and at Epcot during some special events. On the upside, you can also get a Dole Whip Float at Pineapple Lanai!

We heard your your 34 shout-outs (!!!) to the Dole Whip. Not surprisingly, this palate-pleasing treat was the clear winner!

Disneyland Dole Whip Float

The Dole Whip’s popularity may be partly due to the many versions offered. First, there’s Dole Whip soft-serve in vanilla, pineapple and orange. Guests can further customize their dish by ordering a swirl. Or opt for the [Read more…]

Review: Sake Bar in Epcot’s Japan

For all of you drinking-around-the-World fans, it’s time to dive into Sake! If you haven’t had the chance to sample it, Sake is a Japanese alcohol made from rice. Like wine and beer, it has multiple varieties, flavors, and “faces,” and exploring it can be a full-time job! For those who want a full history of Sake, the Wikipedia version is a good one.

Today, I had the chance to spend an hour or so with friends Sarah and Matt (many of you know Sarah Holodick from her many guest articles on this blog) at the Sake bar in the very back of the Mitsukoshi Department Store in Epcot’s Japan pavilion.

Mitsukoshi Department Store

I’ve never seen this little tasting area very full, and today — during Spring Break — the line was long for the cash register, but the Sake bar itself was still quite barren. I chalk that up to not enough advertising, because spending time sampling at this little location is a great way to relax and refresh during a long day at Epcot.

The menu offers 10 different sake varieties to choose from, all of which are sold by the [Read more…]