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  1. Here’s a big tip. Bring battery chargers for your phone. Disney sells them for a premium. Get one on Amazon before you go. Disney expects you to use your phone for everything. You need the extra chargers. They are the size of your phone and can be easily carried in your bag.

  2. I would like to add to a couple as well….pin notifications for when your fast pass + rides are ready and when your DAS pass is ready as well! Because we all get busy having fun or we’re eating or get distracted!

  3. I go on vacation to get away from my cell phone. Going to “phone access only” features makes a Disney vacation a much less attractive option.

  4. I wish the app could be used to pay for everything in the park. When you stay on property you have that ability. Otherwise the Only time I can use the app to pay is for mobile orders. Maybe someday they will add that feature to the app.

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