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  1. What is the deal with Typhoon Lagoon…. We are In the middle of summer and it it 90 or higher every day. Are they doing an unannounced major refirb that we do not know about…?

  2. I haven’t seen anything about the tram transport that use to run from the carparks to the entrance gates.I don’t know if I missed the announcement or it Hasn’t returned yet. Anybody know if they’ve returned yet or when they might return? My children loved the trams and despite only speaking English have memorised the safety speech in Spanish!!

  3. Lets not forget the Parking Lot Tram Service is still not in service forcing paying guest to walk to the main gates and then back at the end of the day when most people are exhausted from walking all day. This is one I don’t understand. I get the hotels still closed as it is an occupancy issue (but did you notice the least expensive ones are the last ones to open forcing guest to stay at the more costly hotels?) I also get the character meet and greet as it is a social distance issue. But not having the tram service is just being cheap and greedy. They can separate guest just like they did on the rides, but they choose not to.

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