DFB Video: 5 Disney Dining Myths Debunked

Hello there, friends!! We’re back with another DFB Video for this new week in the still-new year, and today we’re debunking myths about Disney dining!

Almond Frangipane Cake layered with Raspberry Jam and Chocolate at Festival of the Arts

Almond Frangipane Cake layered with Raspberry Jam and Chocolate at Festival of the Arts

Think food in Disney World is all burgers and fries? Think again… and then think about some more stuff! Because we’re taking on not just that topic, but four more myths about dining in Disney! [Read more…]

Disney Dining Details: Skipper Canteen Secret Passageway Bookshelves

Do you harbor a secret dream to become a member of the S.E.A. (Society of Explorers and Adventurers)?

If so, then maybe you’d like to do a little exploring with me today as we step back inside the Jungle Navigation Co., Ltd. Skipper Canteen in Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland, the still-new restaurant based on the Jungle Cruise attraction.

We’ve already taken a full tour of of the Canteen, including its three dining rooms: the Crew Mess Hall, the Falls Family Parlor, and a once-hidden meeting room for the S.E.A. But now it’s time to check out a few more of those Disney details! And with many thanks to my friend Daniel Wanderman who recently dined there, we’ve got some more to share…

In order to enter the S.E.A. Room coming from the Mess Hall, you must pass through a hallway.

Bookcases lining the hallway from the Mess Hall

Bookcases lining the hallway from the Mess Hall

As you pass, you’ll notice the hallway is lined with bookcases. [Read more…]

Spotlight: DisMarks.com

DisMarks.com Logo

DisMarks.com Logo

Wondering what that little castle button is at the bottom of the blogs? Lemme tell you all about it! I’m taking a break from the food writing today to mention a great new website that’s been beneficial to me both as a blogger and a Disney fan.

DisMarks.com functions as a social media network for Disney information–in other words, it’s Digg for Disney stuff.

Its creators were excited about the rapid increase in Disney blogs, websites, and news outlets popping up throughout the web and wanted to build a clearinghouse that would give an opportunity for webmasters to present their work, and for Disney fans to bring attention to and vote for their favorite sites, blog posts, news items, etc.

In social media and marketing terms, DisMarks offers webmasters a chance to expose their work to a brand new audience, meet and get to know other webmasters, link build, and check out some of the other great Disney media out there.

For Disney fans, DisMarks offers the chance to submit and vote for your favorite websites, media stories, blog posts, and podcasts–and to learn about lots of new Disney sites you might not have seen. And you know you’re seeing the best stuff, because Disney fans just like you have voted certain stories up to the top!

So, if you like any of my food blogs, feel free to click that little castle button at the bottom of the page and vote for the story!