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  1. We’re here right now and can safely say that while some of this is true, most of Disney is changed for the worse and we could not recommend folks going for the first time this year.

    I’ll preface what I’m about to say by mentioning that we’ve probably been about 18 times in the last 10 years, and we have been with and without kids multiple times. We are currently here for 10 days with our 3 boys under the age of 5, and while that’s tiring, we knew it would be, we’re prepared for it and it’s unrelated to my upcoming opinion.

    The biggest issue – and it’s not close – is that it the cast members aren’t the same. And I mean that literally. Before COVID, Disney had a ton of happy-go-lucky interns and international folks working here and they were well trained and attentive. The majority of cast members here are from Florida or somewhere in the Caribbean and it’s obvious they haven’t gone through the same training and that they they also just generally don’t care about customer serviceD many don’t speak English (well or at all), and many are generally rude. That’s doesnt represent EVERY cast member, but id say at least one chararacteristic applies for to least 75% of our encounters. This isn’t necessarily true for the resort (we’re at the yacht club this time), but it’s absolutely true for every restaurant and almost everywhere in the parks.

    The other issue with lack of fast pass is that you used to be able to plan your day around guaranteeing you’d be able to ride 1 or 2 of the long wait time rides and then your sprinkle in some complimentary rides. That’s no longer true. You now choose to spend between 2-4hrs per day in lines to ride overall fewer and on average lower “quality” rides. As this article outlines really well, it’s now very much luck of the draw on wait times. I will say though that the silver lining is that lines are well managed and mapped out, and you’re constantly moving. It always “feels” like you’re making progress. I personally would rather go 50 miles in my car and take an hour to get home than only go 2 miles and have it still take an hour. Personal preference I guess.

    Lastly, The mask thing blows. I can’t knock Disney for this because this is generally how it goes. People are following the rules, but the masks will make 80 degrees feel suffocating after a while… I couldn’t imagine doing this at 100 degrees.

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