News! Dole Whip Arriving at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Um…GET THIS!!!!!

Tamu Tamu Refreshments in Animal Kingdom’s Africa offers two things: Cold Drinks!

Tamu Tamu Refreshments

Tamu Tamu Refreshments

And Good Eats!

Tamu Tamu Refreshments

Tamu Tamu Refreshments

Well, things  are about to get a little colder and good…er (?!?). Because starting THIS WEEKEND, Tamu Tamu Refreshments is serving up DOLE WHIPS!!

Dole Whip!!

Dole Whip!!


That’s right, friends… you read correctly. Just as Dole Whips have departed the Pineapple Promenade at Epcot with the ending of this year’s Flower & Garden Festival, they’re making their arrival at Tamu Tamu Refreshments!

Tamu Tamu Refreshments

Tamu Tamu Refreshments

Here’s the scoop! No floats here, a la Aloha Isle – the ultimate Dole Whip location. BUT you will have the option to spike your Dole Whip with alcohol (if you’re 21-or-over, of course)!

Choices are the same as at the 2014 Flower & Garden Festival’s Pineapple Promenade booth: dark rum or coconut rum.

Dole Whips with rum at Epcot's Flower & Garden Festival

Dole Whips with rum at Epcot’s Flower & Garden Festival

Based on the prices, we’re thinking sizes will be similar to the [Read more…]

Review: “The Glacier” in Animal Kingdom’s Asia

While visiting Animal Kingdom several weeks ago, I noticed something unusual on the path from Expedition Everest in Asia back to Africa’s Harambe Village. This random mini bar had popped straight-up out of nowhere!

Bar on Asia pathway

Bar on Asia pathway

I had to check it out because, even though it’s just a small, portable stand, the cloth decoration covering it is detailed and eye-catching, much like just about everything else in Animal Kingdom.

Cloth decorations

Cloth decorations

Vibrant cloth

Vibrant cloth

The menu is small, simple, and custom made for those 21-and-over, with two mixed drinks (The Glacier and Kali River Tea) and two beers (Kingfisher Premium Lager and Singha) to choose from.



On my most recent trip I decided to give this new spot a quick stop. With the FL heat really kicking in, how could I go wrong with something called The Glacier?

The Glacier

The Glacier

The Glacier is a pretty simple beverage, really: lemonade mixed with raspberry vodka. The sign mentioned the drink being blended — which to me always means frozen, like a blended margarita. But there is no blender in sight at this tiny kiosk, so in this case “blended” just means mixed and served on the rocks at the moment. (This may change at any time.)

Glacier on the rocks

Glacier on the rocks

And, of course, it comes with [Read more…]

Review: Pulled Buffalo Chicken Waffle Sandwich at Animal Kingdom’s Trilo-Bites

You know we lurve our waffles here on DFB, and today we’ve got ANOTHER awesome new waffle item to share with you!

Now, Waffle Sandwiches aren’t new to Disney World. At Magic Kingdom’s Sleepy Hollow Refreshments, the featured waffle sandwiches are the Sweet and Spicy Chicken, the Ham, Prosciutto, and Swiss Cheese, and Nutella and Fresh Fruit. Even Epcot got in the game for a while over the holidays with a Sweet Potato Casserole Waffle and a Savory Seasonal Waffle (think Thanksgiving in a waffle!).

But today? Today we’ve got an extra EXTRA special waffle sammy.  We’re heading to Trilo-Bites today for a sometimes-it’s-there-sometimes-it’s-not Waffle Sandwich!



Trilo-Bites in Dinoland previously held the distinction of being THE spot to pick up a Turkey Leg in Animal Kingdom. The menu has shifted, however, to offer sweeter fare: a Warm Waffle with Fresh Strawberries and Cream and a Baked Apple Blossom with Ice Cream (or without) are the menu highlights.

Waffle with Strawberries and Baked Apple Blossom

Waffle with Strawberries and Baked Apple Blossom

You can also find Milk Shakes, Floats, and a Waffle Bowl Sundae here, too.

(By the way, for those of you wondering, “Well, where do I get my Turkey Leg in Animal Kingdom now?”, you can head over to Flame Tree Barbeque. You’ll see the Turkey Leg listed under the entrees with a side of slaw, but it can also be purchased by itself for $9.79.)

Anyway, on a recent visit to Animal Kingdom, I noticed something special was briefly back on the menu. It’s a little hard to catch since it’s only offered on “peak crowd level” days, so it was great to spot it: the Pulled Buffalo Chicken Waffle Sandwich! Seriously? You ask? YES! I reply! 

Trilo-Bites Menu with Pulled Buffalo Chicken Waffle Sandwich

Trilo-Bites Menu with Pulled Buffalo Chicken Waffle Sandwich

See, that’s the bonus to visiting the Parks when they’re crowded: MORE FOOD! Shazam!

There was no picture on the menu, so I was happily surprised when I was presented with this (Ooooooh! Aaaaaah!):

Pulled Buffalo Chicken Waffle Sandwich

Pulled Buffalo Chicken Waffle Sandwich

The pulled buffalo chicken tops the waffle, of course, but it also [Read more…]

What’s New Around the World!

What’s new in regards to eats and treats in Disney World? What’s changed? Have any menu items bid us farewell? Read on to find out what has caught our eye lately!

Animal Kingdom

The Dawa Bar in Africa’s Harambe Village has moved and received a makeover! Check out the full scoop here.

Dawa Bar

Dawa Bar

And thanks to Avatarland, we bid adieu to the Camp Minnie-Mickey character greeting area. This space had two snack kiosks: one for funnel cakes and the other for hot dogs and pretzels.

Camp Minnie Mickey Kiosk

Camp Minnie Mickey Kiosk

You can still grab a terrific hot dog over at Restaurantosaurus… a Mac & Cheese Dog, to be precise! And those beloved Mickey Pretzels can be found in the Harambe Fruit Market (including the Jalapeno Cheese-stuffed Pretzel!).

Mr. Kamal’s (a kiosk devoted primarily to vegetarian selections) recently revamped the menu. Pick up samosas, falafel sammies, and hummus with veggies!

Mr. Kamal's Updated Menu

Mr. Kamal’s Updated Menu

It’s worth scoping out Bradley Falls (directly across from Mr. Kamal’s), to see if it is open on your visit. It’s typically open during busy days, and the most recent menu showed that the Edamame and Asian Noodle Salad are options there along with a brand new Thai Coconut Soup! Check out some of these [Read more…]

Review: Animal Kingdom’s Newly Renovated Dawa Bar

Animal Kingdom’s Dawa Bar is considered by many to be something of a hidden gem. Tucked into a corner of the always-bustling Harambe Village in the Africa section of the park, the location is prime for anyone going to or from Kilimajaro Safari.

But it’s always blended so well into its surroundings that one could really walk right past it and not even know.

Tusker House Restaurant and Dawa Bar in Harambe Village

Tusker House Restaurant and Dawa Bar in Harambe Village

I stopped by recently to see what was new. As it turns out, it was a whole lot! The Dawa Bar has been relocated!

New location of the Dawa Bar

New location of the Dawa Bar


Now, when I say “relocated,” it actually hasn’t moved all that far :) . You will still head to the same area of Harambe Village – just head to your left upon entering Africa from Discovery Island, and directly across from Tamu Tamu Refreshments and Mombasa Marketplace.

Dawa Bar in it's new location

Dawa Bar in its new location

However, the bar is now directly to the right when facing the Tusker House Check-In line, whereas it was previously on the left.

Tusker House check-in line on the left, Dawa Bar on the right

Tusker House check-in line on the left, Dawa Bar on the right

So, basically, when you see the sign that says this:

"Directions" to the Bar

“Directions” to the Bar

Instead, do this: ——–>. ;)

Aside from the location, what else is new? For starters, the bar itself has received [Read more…]

News! And Review: Animal Kingdom’s Tamu Tamu Refreshments New Menu!

We’re heading to Harambe Village in Animal Kingdom’s Africa. Tamu Tamu Refreshments is our stop today, so we can check out the entirely new menu!

Tamu Tamu Refreshments


It’s easy to stroll past Tamu Tamu on your way to Kilimanjaro Safaris, because this unassuming little spot blends in so perfectly with its surroundings.

Tamu Tamu Refreshments

Ordering Counter

There are a few clues, however, as to what is available to passersby:

Good Eats!

Cold drinks!

And the best part of the atmosphere is arguably a hidden gem. A lot of people aren’t aware of the gorgeous and peaceful outdoor seating area tucked behind!

Entry into the Harambe Fort

Chunky wooden tables and chairs are complemented by rustic plaster walls and artwork. It’s truly unexpected!

Tamu Tamu Seating Area

Tamu Tamu Seating Area

But I’d mentioned a new menu, so let’s dive in!


I was truly surprised to see the all-new offerings, especially since the Pulled Beef Sandwich had been a hit. (I must admit to being sad over the loss of that gorgeous fresh fruit bowl on the menu, and will continue to look for it at Bradley Falls whenever it is open!)

Tamu Tamu Menu

The menu is now offering three primary entrees: Slow-cooked Chicken Curry, Vegetarian Curry, and Roasted Chicken Salad. [Read more…]

Snack Series: Häagen-Dazs Vanilla Milk Chocolate Almond Ice Cream Bar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Time for another Disney World ice cream treat for National Ice Cream Month! While you can also get this one in  your local grocery store, most likely, it can be found at several locations in Disney as well.

Häagen-Dazs Vanilla Milk Chocolate Almond Bar

Today, we’re sampling the gorgeous Häagen-Dazs Vanilla Milk Chocolate Almond Ice Cream Bar.

Häagen-Dazs Vanilla Milk Chocolate Almond Ice Cream Bar

I spied this treat on a recent trip through Animal Kingdom. You seem to find the Häagen-Dazs brand in this park more than the others. Since the brand is affiliated with Nestle (which owns Dreyer’s and Edy’s), it makes sense that their products are marketed here.

A glance at the nutritional information tells you just how decadent this treat is. But at least they don’t try and sell it as three servings! :-)

Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream Bar Nutritional Information

Your premium ice cream bar comes [Read more…]

Disney Food Post Round-Up: August 18, 2013

New technology continues to be unveiled at Walt Disney World restaurants. This week, we have an exclusive report on the Rapid Fill beverage program at Disney resorts, as well as the Touch to Pay system that comes along with the MyMagic+ rollout.

Choose your Rapid Fill mug!

Choose your Rapid Fill mug!

Let’s not forget that we’re still gearing up for the 2013 Epcot Food and Wine Festival. We’re excited about the new Chase VIP Lounge location in the American Adventure pavilion!

It’s time to catch up on the news. Read on…

Disney Food News

Lots of news from Disney this week!

Of course, there’s more! Check out all the latest Disney Food News — even the stuff we don’t mention in posts on the blog! — on our Disney Food News Pin Board, including An Artful Open House at Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen in Disneyland’s Downtown Disney district, Animal Kingdom Menu Changes, New Entertainment at Scat Cat’s Club in the Port Orleans French Quarter resort, and more.

DFB Reader Finds

If you find a fun new food — or other edible awesomeness — in or from Disney, share a photo with us on facebook or twitter so we can add it to our DFB Reader Finds each Sunday!

We love this tweet received from Reader Nicole: “Thanks @DisneyFoodBlog for all the yummy suggestions and it’s only Day 1!” You are welcome!! ;-)

Day 1 of Disney Food!

Reader Becky tweeted the new menu from Epcot’s Sommerfest restaurant. The side item — German Potato Salad — is a new addition!

Sommerfest Menu — click image for larger version.

The DFB Guide to the 2013 Epcot Food & Wine Festival e-Book

We’re thrilled to announce the grand launch of the DFB Guide to the 2013 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival e-Book! With over 190 pages and multiple bonus items, it’s pretty substantial!

In honor of our grand launch, we have a discount option for DFB readers (as always!). You can get the new mini-guide for $3 off the regular purchase price for a limited time — just use code CHEFS at the check-out!

As always, we’ve made this mini-guide instantly downloadable for your convenience, and easily installed on your mobile devices. It’s a PDF guide with over 190 pages of detailed information about the Festival as well as photographs and customized bonus items to help you get the best experience possible.

Bonus Items

The DFB Mini-Guide to the 2013 Epcot Food & Wine Festival includes customized bonus items that go above and beyond any other Food & Wine Festival coverage currently available. These include:

  • A full, daily schedule of events for every day of the festival
  • A printable World Showcase Booth Menu Checklist that you can use to plan, and easily bring with you to the festival
  • Themed World Showcase booth crawls (there’s even one for the kids!)
  • Food and Wine Festival customized Touring Strategies for One Day visits, Budget-Conscious visits, visits with kids, and more
  • A chapter dedicated to all “New for 2013″ events, menu items, booths, and more
  • Full food, wine, beer, winery, and chef indexes, including dates and locations of where you can find your favorites
  • Epcot Food and Wine Festival recipes
  • And more!

Once again, celebrate the grand launch with us by getting $3 off the purchase price for the e-Book! Order your copy now for only $11.95 (regularly $14.95). To secure the discount, use code CHEFS at the check-out.

Want an Even Better Deal?

We’ve got it! For an even bigger discount, [Read more…]

Review: Hot Fudge Sundae at Dino Bite Snacks

Guys, it is so hot out there!! And when I’m sweltering and sweating, there’s one thing I know to do: eat more ice cream.

Fortunately, that’s not a hard proposition when you’re in Walt Disney World — just check out our Ice Cream Gallery for the goods!

Dino-Bite Snacks -- Outside

Today, I’m heading over to DinoLand U.S.A. (YAY!!!!!!) in Disney’s Animal Kingdom to one of my favorite ice cream stops, Dino-Bite Snacks!

With its shiny quilted aluminum siding, this little snack shack has a vintage feel that matches the rest of DinoLand U.S.A. It serves up ice cream in a variety of ways, plus churros and other snacks.

Most of the time, a stop for me here means just one thing: a hand-made ice cream cookie sandwich! But I decided to branch out just a bit today and try their new-to-me Old-Fashioned Hot Fudge Sundae.

Old-Fashioned Hot Fudge Sundae

You’ll find Dino-Bite Snacks just to the right of Restaurantosaurus (YAY!!!!!!!!!!!) as you’re facing the counter service spot. It’s not much more than a kiosk, with separate windows for ordering and pick up.

Like I mentioned, the menu is limited only to snacks and beverages. Nothing here would make a meal — unless you fancy an ice cream sandwich in place of breakfast. (I’m not necessarily admitting I’ve done this before, but…)

Hand-scooped ice cream is available, but there are only a few varieties. Choose from vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, or chocolate chip. You can also get a float here as well!

Dino-Bite Snacks Menu -- Click to Enlarge

But we hadn’t tried the hot fudge sundae, so I decided this was the day. Once I ordered my sundae at window number one, [Read more…]

Now Available! DFB Podcast Episode 16: The Other Parks

Hola, fellow Disney food-lovers!

Exciting news today for all you hungry commuters, walkers, runners, beach-goers, gym-goers, Disney summer road-trippers, and other assorted podcast listeners!

Just a note to let you know that the 16th episode of our DFB Podcast is now up and ready for downloading!

In this episode, Brad and I cover the latest Disney food news and discuss their favorite table service restaurants at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom and California Adventure.

We also answer two listener questions (sundaes, ice cream sandwiches, and chocolate chip cookies, oh my!), and reveal the answer to our Episode 15 trivia question (and reveal a pretty tough question for this episode)!

Here’s the Podcast page for Episode 16. Thanks in advance for listening!!

Please rate and review the podcast on iTunes, follow DFBPodcast on Twitter, and [Read more…]