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  1. Has there been any announcements of when Disney World will be bringing back the dining plans

  2. Belinda Westmoreland, unfortunately no. Disney has said Dining Plans will return, but they’ve not provided any timeline.

  3. Is the outside dinner theater coming back at the polylinesian hotel, we loved the fire dancers and the show itself

  4. To the author of this article, I greatly appreciate that you are excited about a new “e-ticket” ride, which I remember clearly having a real e-ticket. It would be nice to see DFB writers make an impactful comment about rides such as the new Guardians of the Galaxy ride, being a ride that leaves behind an entire segment of the population of people who used to go or want to go to Disney but cannot tolerate rides that go backwards and pretty much make them sick or spatially disoriented for minutes to hours. Any individual who suffers from migraines (over a 1 million in the US), would be risking a great deal to ride this ride and many of the newer rides now being offered at Disney. Ever heard of FND (functional neurological disorder), well this can be brought on by a severe migraine or head trauma. So, just saying it would be nice if you would be a bit more sympathetic to the population (let’s talk about the entire group of handicapped that could never get on a ride like Guardians, who is looking to their needs), recognizing that not all can participate and that Disney is becoming more and more exclusionary. Again and again, so so sad.

  5. > Mears’ graphic also implies that Premium service may be offered in a smaller vehicle like a van or private car, but that hasn’t been officially announced at this time. Premium is only being offered for round trip service at this time.

    We’re visiting from the UK in March 2022 (assuming no Covid nightmares) and have booked through Virgin Holidays. We chose the “Private Sedan” airport transfers option, and we’ve had confirmation that this is indeed operated by Mears Transportation. We’ve been given Mears’ contact details to book our return collection on the day of our departure.

  6. Ron, so far no update from Disney on when the Spirit of Aloha Luau will resume. We will update when they announce an opening date.

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